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June 22, 2006



I hear the "opponents" advertisements on the radio once in a while and disappointing that they are characterizing this as some sort of industrial wasteland.


The U.S. Chamber wants people to help set the energy agenda....and I think we should.



"...the project's turbines towering 417 feet high could pose navigation and radar hazards."

So the Cape Wind critics gave up on the bird kill stuff for awhile eyyh? I guess finding out that windows kill 1000 times more birds than any other cause will tend to do that.

Yeah better level everything over 400 feet high on the east coast, it could be hazardous!!

Rod Adams

I am not aware of any coastal structures that approach 417 feet high - that is about 42 stories. In addition, there are few coastal structures that are purposely designed to change the local climate - I strongly believe that the wind is a natural part of the local environment.

I do not agree with the idea that a single corporation should be allowed to harvest a useful and valuable commodity that has previously been shared among many. Sailors have been using the wind in the proposed area for hundreds of years - why are their interests being sold off?

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