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June 10, 2006


Harvey D.

Indeed, (less than 5-minute charge) + (9000 cycles) + (-50C to +75C operation) + (absolute safety) in the same battery is very good news.

Let's hope that production unit energy density will be close to 200 Wh/Kg and cost will be under $400/KWh when mass produced.


Yep Harvey, maybe even 300wh/kg is possible in the very near future. As with the new 55% efficient solar cells mass production of lithium ion nano tech batteries will be needed to bring unit cost down.

A123 batteries are being mass produced for the new 36 volt DeWalt power tools scheduled for imminent release.

The new wide spectrum solar PV cells are set for mass production too, very exciting times for the energy re-evolution. Oil, coal, and nukes are about to die.

Harvey D.

amazingdrx: I too hope that affordable, high effciency, wide angle, wide spectrum solar panels + low cost, compact energy storage devices will be availble soooon.

When cost comes down, this double development could lead to practical PHEVs very shortly and realistic EVs within very few years.

Yes, it could eventually replace a high percentage of the energy we currently get from deminishing fossil fuels such as Coal, Gaz/Oil + Nuclear, especially in sunny southern USA and many other sunny places.


Whatever happened to the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery?

It would be the ideal system for electric cars because with FOUR HOSES you could re-fuel the battery and storeage... and then recharge the liquid at the gas station.

Larry Shore

Do you know if Altair Nanotechnology is planning on entering the laptop battery and small, portable electronics battery market with their lithium titanium oxide material?


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A. Pantos

If all the claims for the Altair Battery are true their stock should had hit the sky. Any explanation why it didn't?


Has anybody bought and tested any of Altair's nLTO batteries or knows of any independently verified test results (for complete batteries not cells) that are in the public domain?

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