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June 06, 2006


ali mccormick

What is the projected production (in gallons) of ethanol in the future- maybe by 2020 or 2030?


Compare alternatives.

Ethanol on all conservation reserve land produced from switchgrass would be about 30 billion gallons per year. Reducing the 120 billion gallons of gas used for vehicles per year by 25%.

200 mpg plugin hybrids would reduce gas consumption by 80%.

Electric vehicles would use no gas.

However ethanol also takes away the 15 to 30% absorption of CO 2 by conservation reserve land. This means the net effect from ethanol on CO 2 would be to actually increase it. And it would not lower the price of liquid fuel either.

Electricity costs the equivalent of 75 cents per gallon.

Buford Creech, CCA-TSP

Good information.


A. Bohra

Do you have any ideas as to how to reduce energy costs in the conversion of biomass into ethanol for fuel

abdenour rahal

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zachary cribb

pressureized hydrodynamics

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