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May 02, 2006



Well, more coal powerplants means more feedstock for these guys. They've just redesigned their site with some new info. They've been testing a unit for the past few months in the southwest. They indicate in their production testing they can get 5,000-10,000 gallons of biodiesel and a similar amount of ethanol per acre.


Hmm, maybe the same SO2, NOx and mercury as natural gas, but what about CO2? I don't see sequestration mentioned here...


With wind power in such short supply and heavy demand that it has to be raffled off to customers in Texas because it's the lowest cost source and the cleanest, these good corporate citizens build coal fired CO 2 belching monstrosities instead.

And call it green. Bechtel is involved,the legendary nuclear contractor responsible for contaminating the Columbia River basin.

And taking over the water systems in developing nations. Then jacking up the prices so locals cannot afford water.

Their contracting record in Iraq is also atrocious, with zero consequences, similar to the state of Halliburton's performance and accountability. Welcome to monopoly crony capitalism, say goodbye to free and fair markets, and real competitive capitalism.

Corporatism at it's worst, that is politically connected crony companies like Bechtel.



Anybody have any real info on why TXU isn't doing more wind??


Does TXU do wind at all? If not, they don't know how, and would probably mess it up if they tried.

Meanwhile, Texas does have the second-largest capacity of wind power among the 50 states, with over 2000 MW installed.


I appreciate what everyone is saying here, but, the person who has really nailed it is Dr. Kevin Peterson ... you gotta check out his: http://www.NoneoftheAboveforPresident.com


That's what makes this stand out so boldly. Wind is working so well in Texas, given a choice, customers are flocking to it.

And yet the monopoly energy conglomerates still rule access to capital markets, even where wind has worked out best.

I bet the big enerfy execs rue the day they gave consumers the choice on which enerfy source they wanted. The feeling was probably that wind and solar would naturally fail because of consumer backlash over higher prices.

Wind is cheaper, what a surprise, now big operators will favor a no choice plan for consumers? We'll see, but with a shortage of wind and billions going to coal, that will be the effect.

No choice but more CO 2 from fossil fuel combustion and resulting eco devestation.

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