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May 08, 2006



This concentrator seems like a good idea. However, true breakthroughs in solar power will require independent and government analysts to design solar systems at the lowest possible cost. A good general rule for large-scale industrial machinery: it shouldn't cost more than 10 dollars per kilogram. A new microwave oven can be purchased for 50 dollars. A 1-square-meter concentrator with integrated cells and heliostat could be made for 50 dollars: the mass and complexity of these is comparable. Why, when there are so many talented people eager to compete, do solar systems get to be luxury priced? Commodity pricing is the solution: if all costs cannot be explained and justified - to the penny - then the price is too high.

Harvey D.

Tony: An equivalent microwave was 10X or $500+, 25 years ago. Solar panels (like microwaves) may follow about the same price drop when mass production is transfered to China, India or other higher production efficiency countries or production is fully automated. A 10X price drop may take a few years but it will come as it did with Desktop PCs, LCD HDTVs, DVD players, Mirowave ovens and other similar gadgets.


Reading between the lines, this costs above $3/watt before rebates, which makes it the most expensive solar concentrator technology yet, as reported here.


I'm pretty sure the $3/W is the installed price, not the panel price. In order to hit $3/W installed, they're going to have to be under $1/W for the panels themselves, which is a lot cheaper than current panels or concentrators.

Atila - Solar Power Expert

Solar energy does not cost anything, the source that you choose cost some but in the long run it will be a good investment.


I interested in selling alternative energy as a livelihood. I know most solar panels are made from petroleum which is a problem. Bio Solar panels have promise but someone at a dinner party mentioned Cera something panels. Does anyone know about this issue?

Also, does anyone have a tip on what I call the "green Google"? A small start up alternative energy company, well run, visionary in its goals and on the upswing?

Kit P

Perfect, you want to earn a living selling that you know nothing about hopefully to the clueless. It sounds like you want to be an unethical con artist. You should have lots of company.

Here is a legitimate web site although

Although being an unethical con artist may be what some companies are looking for:

“Produce sales orders by convincing customers on the merits of the financial, technical and/or environmental properties of a solar system;”


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When you decide to put a solar power system on the roof of your building, the next question is, "what kind?" There are conventional silicon modules, a technology that hasn't changed dramatically since the first lunar landing. There are thin film solar sheets that add a layer of protection and insulation to the roof, while they generate power -- although not as efficiently. Soliant Energy is working on a form of concentrating solar technology for commercial rooftops

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It takes effort and energy, after all, to fabricate the various parts of a solar module, like the solar cells, backsheets, frame and wires.

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Solar panels is a popular method to eliminate the energy drain by using natural energy. Cost cutting on monthly power bills, making money by selling excess power and getting tax rebate from government helps to cover the cost of solar energy systems.


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will require independent and government analysts to design solar systems at the lowest possible cost.

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