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May 29, 2006



This is marginally encouraging Jim, but I think the superconducting technology used in this project ought to be the focus for the present.

That could store the vast amounts of electricity needed to smooth the supply/demand mismatch from renewable sources.

Then when room temp superconductors, superconducting solar PV cells, and transmission lines come into production someday we may never again need to mess with the danger of nuclear power. Even fusion produces dangerous waste and has the potential for leaks.

Tritium in groundwater is now becoming a devestating problem from present reactors. There is no practical way to ever filter it out of groundwater.


amazingdrx: Doesn't tritium have a half life of only a few years? As long as we can prevent new tritium from leaking into the water, the problem will resolve itself.


That would be comforting atrazine (!?!), I hope you are right.

A lot of extra cancer cases are being atributed to it in Florida and Mass. I dount the government/industry nuclear cabal will even plug the leaks, it went on for decades and was covered up.

Are they inspecting other plants that have yet to be doscovered leaking, there too, very doubtful.

With these guys it's out of sight out of mind, (im)plausible deniability and coverup is the rule. Honesty, safety, and efficiency is almost nonexistent.

Operating behind a patina of faux security and top secrecy will tend to do that to any sector.


If you think he's not right, you obviously think the laws of physics (nuclear decay) are subject to equivocation or debate.

That would make you mighty stupid.


"Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits a very weak beta particle."


"That would make you mighty stupid."

Or it might make me too stupid to use google before calling others stupid. Or even stupid enough to claim to be a poet, with no evidence of any poetry?

Amazing isn't it. Hehehey.


You may not realize that:

  1. 12.3 years is just a short time (if you are not much older, I guess you wouldn't).
  2. That's more than 8 half-lives per century.
  3. The half-life of tritium in the body is roughly 3-10 days.

For all intents and purposes, the only places tritium will conceivably be a problem is in the immediate vicinity of its release point, we can easily treat exposed people by giving them water from elsewhere to drink, and the problem will disappear by itself over barely more than a human lifetime.  You will find few toxic hazards which are so benign, easily treated and self-healing.


Yeah riiight. No problem. Chug a big glass full.

Make it rhyme.

And of course ciggs don't cause cancer either.


This sounds like a bit of puffery to me.

Is not the critical issue energy loss from the plasma to the container? Internal parts life improvements are fine and dandy but if the process doesn't return substantial net energy, part life doesn't matter.

I could be wrong - if so please educate me.

As to tritium, I calculated that the releases of tritium in Illinois is a dozen wristwatches at year or so. BFD.


Tritium pollution:


It's real!


I have two questions. Does anyone know who are the top academics in nuclear fusion today? also does anyone know who is the leader in nuclear fusion apparatus development? thanks

M. Simon


Bussard Fusion Reactor
Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion
IEC Fusion Newsgroup
IEC Fusion Technology blog


google clik "MHz θ pinch"
Long plasma confinement should be given up.
MHz inertia confinement can be possible by MHz strong magnetic field coil.


google clik "MHz θ pinch"
Long plasma confinement should be given up.
MHz inertia confinement can be possible by MHz strong magnetic field coil.


google clik "MHz θ pinch"
Long plasma confinement should be given up.
MHz inertia confinement can be possible by new MHz strong magnetic field coil.


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