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May 16, 2006



What happened to the facility they announced they were building in the "Southwest"?

American Biodieselist

In answer to the question about the "Southwest," Google on "arizona greenfuel." They're currently scaling up to 15,000 sq.ft. pilot plants, at the natural-gas-fired Redhawk facility of the Arizona Public Service Co., subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital [PNW].

I'm training myself to Google on "greenfuel" and "isaac berzin."

Replacement energy better than replacement limbs.


Seems like an algae-biodiesel plant and a power plant would be synergetic. The diesel plant would take flue gases and produce fuel for the power plant. That would make for a high recycling percentage of thermal energy and CO2.

b cole

To learn more about algae commercialization, you may want to check out this website:

Yuasa Batteries

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Is the technology economically scaleable?

Oil Drilling Chemicals

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