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April 15, 2006



so, $14k for 2.5 kW wind. derate it at a generous 70% to 1.75kW and say I live in an area with expensive energy at $.1/kWhr, it'll only take me just over 9 years to break even for my device, excluding installation and money lost on interest.

nope, still not worth it to me.


Probably not worth it yet Shaun, but with federal/state subsidies it might be more interesting. What do you think, maybe 2-5k installation costs? For the total cost, a 9 year ROI (if possible) is tempting for me. Not doable yet of course...


One crucial chart is missing in the Turby information.

That is average annual windspeed versus kwh produced per year. Like this chart for GE utility scale wind machines (the chart labeled "Annual energy yeild: 3.6 mw").


Also the "reduce the electric bill of a typical home by two thirds" figure is suspect.

Typical home power use is 10,000 kwh per year. The only figure mentioned in the Turby literature is 3,500 kwh per year.

I'm sorry to be a skeptic about any wind power effort, but I guess it is necessary in this case. I do like their design, but they need to provide better data so consumers can make an informed decision.

Utility scale wind contracts are based upon kwh production per year and cost per kwh, not on "rated power" or "capacity factor". These are misleading concepts often used in talking points from wind energy opponents.

Don Cook

Thanks, Jim for the excellent post about the "Turby"; one of my favorite subjects.

I've designed and repaired solar systems in Mexico, and I've worked on one "hybrid" system (solar and wind), and I can say from experience, whenever you talk about alternate energy, it's all about energy management.

Prior to installing a wind generator it is always a good idea to measure the wind, over a period of time, at various locations on your property (chart this) in order to determine the best location for the turbine.

The next thing I would do is use a device, like "Kill-A-Watt" to measure the energy usage of everything that uses electricity on your property (chart this).

Take a look at things that waste electricity (like Phantom loads), and eliminate them (you can do this easily by plugging them into a power strip that has an on/off switch. You could also replace all incandescent lights with compact fluorescents (or even better, LEDs). If affordable, you could replace old appliances with more energy efficient ones (especially air conditioners and refrigerators), replace electric appliances with gas ones (you can even get refrigerators that run off of gas), and replace your TVs and Computer Monitors with LCD screens (which use 1/4 the amount of energy).

If your household uses a lot of hot water you could install a solar hot water system (if you can't afford it, you could build your own from black PVC pipe). If you live in a warm climate you could vent the hot air out of your attic, and of course insulating the floor, ceiling, walls and windows always helps (in cold or warm climates).

If you would like to live off the grid, then you would need to install a bank of batteries, a charge controller and an inverter (if you have electronics in your house, you might want to consider an inverter that is true sine wave). If you live in a sunny climate, you could install some solar panels and have a "hybrid" system.

Managing your energy is real simple, although it is not something that most Americans are used to. If you have a wind generator, then you can use more energy when the wind is blowing (this is when you wash your clothes, or use your power saw, etc.). If you have a solar system, you can use more energy when the sun is shining. If you have a hybrid system, chances are when the sun is not shining the wind will be blowing (like in the case of a storm). What will make you real happy is when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. When there is no sun or wind (like at night), you will be running your house off of the batteries, so that is when it's a good time to be conservative. If there is no sun or wind for awhile, you will need a back-up generator to keep the batteries charged (it is more efficient to use the generator to charge your batteries than it is to run your house off of the generator).

Where alternate energy really starts to make sense is when you're building a new home, and taking advantage of any incentives that are available. It also makes sense if you want to live where grid electricity is not available.



Check this vertical axis machine out, the company specifies the annual output in kwh at various average wind speeds. That is how the turby ought to be rated too.

It makes payback periods calculable. Providing consumers with realistic data to make informed choices.


these style of turbines are certainly the way forward. i'm currently building an 18m x 4m carbon neutral houseboat in the centre of london and because of its location we have all sorts of crazy turbulances and wind directions. this design harvests wind even if wind is blowing in every direction. check out the gorlov helix water turbine which is strikingly similar to the xco2 and the turby. how about a turbine that works with both water and wind, adjusable so one can chose the optimum power source. something like that anyway..


Is there any Cos who offer a domestic solar panel or wind turbine which is connected to an electrolyser to generate and store hydrogen ??

Joseph G. Nunez

Please send all information relative to Turby cost and installation

Tony Lee

Dear All,

We have developed low RPM generator of 500W and looking for innovative vertical turbine blades. Please contact us if you have an design, idea or knowledge.

Thank you in advance.

tiago pavan

hy there.
i just see turby today, and i think that is really a cool product.
the prices will soon come down, and we need to think in clean technologies to help out the envierment!

fron Brazil!

Larry Strahan

I have been looking for years for allterative electric source. But none I have see through today will work in a practical house situation. The cost is to high by the time you repay the cost of equipment the system will be out dated. The government spends our dollars to fight for oil which we will not be using in 50 YEARS because of global warming. I have solar panels on the house that no longer serve a purpose is there any good ideas out there.

Larry Strahan

I have been looking for years for allterative electric source. But none I have see through today will work in a practical house situation. The cost is to high by the time you repay the cost of equipment the system will be out dated. The government spends our dollars to fight for oil which we will not be using in 50 YEARS because of global warming. I have solar panels on the house that no longer serve a purpose is there any good ideas out there.


Hey guys, you're all arguing over obsolescence and payback periods. What about the CO2 not generated - Priceless!!!!

I woul like to build a Turby like wind gen for my appartment. Why Turby? Because of the tubulance of wind and noise sensitivity of neighbours. Any facts you can post on this design wold be fantastic.

Quentin Fleurat

The Turby is a great idea, but it is way over priced even for a new product. There is really not much to it. There is 100's maybe 1000's of times more technology, moving parts, rubber and steel that goes into building a "high end" garden tractor for a price of about $5000 to $7000 us.
I am a welder and a mechanic by hobby and a software developer by trade and I am considering building one.


would like demostration model for presentation and possible sales in USA.
I believe in this product and it's capabilities and would like to promote it in
the USA.


ward h. white

I owen american international engineering.I manufacture solar collectors parable shape iam interested in small vertical wind generators. We sand cast in aluminum parts I would like to cast fore wind turbines

dan coker

would like to staet selling turby system in the us cant seem to get ahold of company can you help me please thank you


See info related to the high efficiency innovative blades of VAWT at www.tonchev.org


See info related to the high efficiency innovative blades of VAWT at www.tonchev.org


See info related to the high efficiency innovative blades of VAWT at www.tonchev.org


See info related to the high efficiency innovative blades of VAWT at www.tonchev.org

Don Seay

Where can one purchase the Turby

simon melrose

vertical axis turbines were researched by the canadian government labs (NRC) for 30 years. Millions of dollars spent and some major units tested. The end result is very clear: they cannot compete with horizontal axis turbines with efficient aerofoil blades. Most are simply variations on the Savonious or Darreous units and offer very low efficiencies. The physics is simple; there is very little energy is low wind speeds and this is even less available in highly turbulent environments. There is no free lunch.

Theodor Oostindie

As Don Seay (Nov. 11,07) mentions, a lot of work has been done on 'lift'-type VAWTs (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines) in the last century, mostly on those with fixed-pitch blades, e.g. the Darrieus turbine. I am not aware of any papers that adequately decribe the aerodynamics of this type and statements about efficiency are hard to
find. There is at least one aspect in which the VAWT is superior to the HAWT namely that they are omni-directional. A very major advantage, (even though the fixed -
blade ones are not self-starting). But also, the power output can conveniently be taken directly from the vertical shaft, mechanically, at ground level! I would be grateful for any useful technical references!

Nasser Alqadomi

Dear Respective company,

We have a keen interest in the Turby Windmill vertical Axis. We are willing to visit and meet with Mr. Slider and the team in our attempt to secure additional information with respect to this product and perhaps validate the marketing ans sales of the vertical Axis windmill in a much needed Middle East territory. I am addressing Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt...etc. I am aware that further research is being conducted toward consolidating the wind factor with the Solar powers and would appreciate your utmost reply into scheduling an appointment to meet in Holland. Please forward a direct e-mail address or telephone number that i may contact you and attend an audience with your team.For reference, my tel NUmber is 965-900-8000

Nasser Alqaddomi
Gibraltar Tech Trading and Cont.

John Alderman

I would like to find a direct contact with the company making Turby Windmills. This for Australia. As most of the population here is coastal. You see here coastal winds are coming ashore daily. I believe it is a perfect place to get people ready for wind generator, like Turby. Please contact me so we could discuss more.


I am rather baffled at the attitude toward any sort of power generation device. Why do people always say that "It does not pay me back fast enough?" How fast are you getting paid back renting/leasing your power from your power company?? How fast does the automobile you drive pay you back? How about your flat screen TV you just bought?

My point is you buy a house because someday it will be yours, this is the same idea behind your own wind/solar production equipment. Instead of leasing your power forever at what ever rate the power company chooses; you can buy your own machine and it is "paid for" in less time than it takes you to pay for your house.

Gerald C. Oduber

Hello, Hier met Gerald vanuit Aruba. Heb interest in informatie over het nieuwe model 220-240 volts 60HZ, en eventueel geintereseert in representatie voor Aruba,Caraibish gebied en Colombia.


If it's cheaper to build why don't you cut the price in half and sell a million units. This would make you very rich and do the world a favor at the same time. Try not to be so greedy.

James R. Wade

I need information so I can make an informed decision. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with a start up company. We offers a typical home owner ways to cut his or her energy cost by two thirds or more with alternate energy

Geoff Pacheco

I would love to be a Turby representative here in Arizona USA. Our Electric companies rape the public and charge way too much for power. Write soon Geoff

 HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of USA

it is interested to note that my comment and
hints were erased when i triedto preview and correct a few clarafy a few things that very sad for the world will never know what I said in my comment that was erased. Anyway
one of the things I did say was a few hints
that "things are slowed down by earths gravity and in order to get more efficency
one has to look at the smallest things with are almost always overlooked.


Check out Mariah Power, http://mariahpower.com/

Looks reasonable priced to me for 1800 watt possibility and almost double that in the works for something like $7000

James La Pierre

Im here in the Hawaiian Islands, please let me distribute this for my country my native farmers and everyone else also needs this. Ive been trying to find out all i can. please contact me, Mahalo, James

Randy Zaleski

Does anyone know who represents Turby here in the US?

Benedict Philip Yayock



Nice post. I find the potential of these technologies to be pretty amazing. Hopefully humanity as a whole can come to similar realizations.


I live in Zeeland in the Netherlands. There is a wind turbine test site near to me, where the Turby produced 107kWh over a period of 6 months. By my calculation that's an average ouput of 25 Watts. This is a windy place make no mistake, we are surrounded by commercial windfarms.

The vertical axis concept is interesting but simply not efficient. Similar size horizontal axis mills can produce 10X more power.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

VAWTs (vertical axis wind turbines) are both efficient and quiet, making them more suitable for energy production in residential areas than previous wind-based renewable energy technologies. Many current VAWT models resemble eggbeaters, with two blades attached to a central shaft, which is in turn anchored in a power generator. Others have a number of large, flat blades protruding from the central axis; and still others have a helix of extremely light plastic surrounding the axis. They typically stand between two and five feet in height and the best ones are able to attain 30 – 60% efficiency, depending on where they are located.

Patrick Forsayeth

I have designed three vertical axis mills. I have partially completed one. It's asymmetric and simple to build. I will operate in any wind direction without steering. Are you interested in developing this mill or exploring the others?
Paddy Forsayeth.
Australia +61 7 912 486


hi paddy,

give some more information on your vertical axis mill.


we are Gujarat (India's west coast) based energy auditing firm & a lot of our clients are interetsed in installing small wind turbines for their small needs. we are looking at a wind turbine that can directly lit a hi glow LED lights of 100 watts with out any battery. any proposals?
som derashri
[email protected]

Samanta SHilly

Your article is nicely green. Thanks For sharing such technology; Effectively: green power and pretty mills nice to see . Go green, go windpowercost.org

dhiraj kadam

hi. i am dhiraj. studing mechanical engineering.i am planing to manufacture vertical axis wind turbine. can u please help me.


Sr.Paddy Forsayeth me gustaria ponerme en contacto con usted. Segundo Sandrea


i can recreate one of these white elephants at nearly 1/5 the cost or even less in my shop. Greedy bastards...get real

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The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".


I have seen a few of these around and was wanting more information so I could share it with my clients trying to be more energy efficient. Thank you for the informative blog.

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