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April 07, 2006



This is a nice development but frankly, I don't see much weight reduction or efficiency enhancement. Most of the weight is in the disc, and it looks quite conventional. Getting rid of the vacuum booster and master cylinder would free up some much needed space.

Don Borowski

This looks like an "autoservo" type of brake design, where the motion of the disc causes additional clamping pressure to be produced by the pads.

This idea is very old. It was used in many drum brakes. The problem is that any inconsistencies in the friction between the pads and disc get amplified. This became a real problem for drum brakes when asbestos brake shoes (which have a very consistent coefficient of friction) were outlawed. This is one other reason why antilock brakes came into use, and why regular disc brakes (with no autoservo action) came into use.

paul clautz

we need more biomass in this world.dont u think so too?? Any way post it


This is a nice developement,but i think it is like the drum brakes. Drum brakes were dangerous and thats why they made anti-lock brakes. So i think we should stick to hybrid cars that pollute little to our environment! Lastly i would like to see our taxes going to something better for us than dangerous brakes that are bad, and old fashioned.

Dog Mo

Here is how it works:

The oil and auto industry consider the battery industry to be a failed technology that can never be made or delivered in the form factor, price point, range or efficiency that they care about. (It doesn't matter, for this argument, what YOU think.) So they got together and used "layered anti-evangelism" to manipulate the battery industry.

"Layered anti-evangelism" is an intelligence agency third world manipulation device that works like this:

1. Select the target: In this case it is hydrogen fuel cells, which have been demonstrated to beat batteries on every business front.
2. Select your internal agents. In this case lobbyists and "writers" that are paid by the oil and auto industry.
3. Have the agents contact and talk to the "sheep". In this case the sheep are the writers for battery industry trades and heads of battery lobby or support organizations.
4. Have the agents convince the sheep via skewed data provision. In this case selected reports were written and then shown to the sheep to convince the sheep that hydrogen fuels cells would steal their funding, put them out of business and that the only source of hydrogen was from the "evil oil companies".

So you have battery evangelists who are anti-hydrogen sheep:
Ulf Bossel of the European Fuel Cell Forum
Alec Brooks- EV World
Sam Thurber

Yet for every manipulated argument they come up with, they are shot down by hundreds of sites with facts, ie: http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/pid985.php

WHY? Because you can make hydrogen at home and the ability to do it fast, cheap and clean is coming 40 times faster than they thought.

This happened, using the same process, to:
1.) Electric light rail in America (US Vs. National City Lines, 334 US 573)
2.) The EV1 (www.sonyclassics/whokilledtheelectriccar)


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Disc brakes are far better than drum brakes because of their powerful stopping ability

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thanks for the info, it's something to think about, i'll stay in touch!!

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Why we need electrix brakes? Any benefit from them.

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this seems like such a common sense and efficient braking system that it's a wonder that no one has thought of it sooner.

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