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April 12, 2006


J F Vander Wolk

Apparently there are a lot of sleepy people out there. What has been overlooked is that on March 9, 2006, General Electric announced a contract with the Department of Energy to develop a "next-generation" wind turbine that will produce twice the energy at half the cost of the present GE turbines projected for the Cape Wind project. Even more important, they can be placed 15 miles at sea in water up to 150 feet deep.

This would allow projects such as Cape Wind to be located where they would create neither the hazards to navigation nor eyesores that Cape Wind would present - not to mention the unanimous opposition of all those directly affected.

Which leaves us with the curious situation of Jim Gordon, the promoter of Cape Wind, who has spent 5 years trying to tie down a $200 million government grant, still trying to salvage a project that would both contaminate Nantucket Sound permanently and be obsolete soon after completion. Strange world this is.

To verify,check the web for "GE/DOE contract to to build next-generation wind turbine."


We don't need any Bush administration/GE offshore wind contract with america.

150 foot waters? Did they ask Ted Stevens what depth he could outlaw offshore wind on before they settled on that figure?

Floating wind has already been invented and is under development right now, in Norway. They have a government of, by, and for the people.

We have a felonious mess of contracting with america. If you believe any environmental effort by this government is a sincere one, you are wrong.

More likely GE will use this cash to warehouse any patents they come across while some interns "work" on it. Including any patents they can steal from the norwegian effort, thus making offshore wind undeployable while decades long litigation ensues.

In short, be suspicious of any environmental effort on the part of the fossil fuel and nuclear energy lobbyists disguised as a US government now in power.

The Kennedy clan and their friends sold out offshore wind power, what did they get in return? Will RFK jr be an ambassador in the Jeb Bush administration? Pass the sweet and sour shrimp please? Hehey.


Found the story you referenced.


"The goal of the project is to design, fabricate, and test an offshore wind turbine that could produce power at a cost of 5 cents per kilowatt-hour, about half the current cost"

The current cost of wind power on the great plains is down around 2 cents per kwh.

Maybe the DOE is too busy collecting campaign "contributions" from purveyors of "clean" coal, agribizz biofuel, and "next generation really, really, very safe waste processing" nuclear power plants to notice?

Harvey D.

amazingdrx:... I must agree with you this time. The 'not in by back yard' phenomenon is suddenly getting too strong and is blocking the development of Wind power in most places. Are they getting help from the COAL, OIL, NUCLEAR, ALTERNATIVE FUEL, interests?


"Are they getting help from the COAL, OIL, NUCLEAR, ALTERNATIVE FUEL, interests?"

Yep, I think so. Look at the Ted Stevens coalition of the willing. Willing to outlaw offshore wind completely?

Wind, at 2 cents per kwh, combined with new nano tech lithium ion batteries threatens all entrenched energy interests as we know them.

Imagine if you will, pulling up at an electric "gas" pump for a 5 to 10 minute refill? Where does that money go, that once went to an oil company? It goes to a power company instead.

A recent bill passed in the dead of night now allows mega-corporations to consolidate local power companies. Are the powers that be afraid of distributed, renewable power that they cannot control replacing oil, coal, natural gas, nukes?

I think they are.

Harvey D.

It's amazing to see the power of big natural gas and liquid fuel money at work. Even in our part of Canada, where plenty of Hydro power remains untapped, the natural gas and coal interests are joining hands with the native people to block future hydro + wind projects. This is unfortunate because large water resevoirs + multiple wind mills make a good combination to produce clean suistainable electricity.


Yep Harvey we have to defeat the forces of Cheney somehow. But we DO have science on our side.

Their vision of the world is literally unsustainable. Oil war after firestorm after hurricane. The insanity!!

Sad to see some native leaders falling for their scams. Many native communities are pioneers in wind and water power instead.


Check out these Gristmill fighters for the environment Harvey, with leaders like this maybe there is hope?




Check out these Gristmill fighters for the environment Harvey, with leaders like this maybe there is hope?




UK Wind power industry to produce double its own targets by 2010..

Harvey D.

amazingdrx:...There's a lot of good Wind and Hydro untapped potential on Natives land across Canada. They could get suistainable high revenues for very long time by developing those sites or thru joint ventures with power companies. The James Bay CREE Natives already got enough funds from local (Quebec) Hydro company established on their lands to construct very large wind farms around the Bay. As their revenues will keep coming for the next 100+ years they could end up with a very large clean energy business and become the Saudi Arabia of the North Country. Why not.


Yep Harvey, it is a great oppurtunity.

And developing these clean resources is a great investment for gaming profits. It goes along with traditional native spiritual culture's respect for the earth.

Tribes here in Wisconsin have been fighting the good fight in court for the environment with gambling revenues. I think investing in sustainable energy and making even greater financial and environmental gains is a distinct probability given their business acumen in gaming.

Even if big banks and wall street will not fund this energy revolution, maybe they will. And replace OPEC, big oil,nuclear, and big coal as a major american/canadian power provider. More power to them!


I don't mean to blog whore (honestly), but Jim's article, while perfectly to the point (I applaud you again for calling for action on this issue, as I have), if you're interested in more on this subject, I've written two posts on the development of this saga here and here.

Please, as Jim said, take a stand on this issue! Make sure your congressman know that you support the development of renewable energy!

If you find yourself, as I have, baffled by this issue and believe that the Cape Wind Project will be an important step towards harnessing the as-of-yet untapped offshore wind potential in the United States, I urge you to act (again) to support Cape Wind and offshore wind development in the United States. Please call and/or email your Senators to urge them to oppose the Steven's language attached to the Coast Guard Reathorization act. If you'd like further reading, Cape Wind Associates has talking points and a collection of editorials and articles here.

chester jacob

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