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April 21, 2006



Clearing forests for palm and sugar plantations is also a large contributor to deforestation (it has more or less already wiped out tropical lowland rainforests throughout the world) and I think we ought to be cautious about the way these emerging biofuel economies take shape.

Will the forestry practices be sustainable, or will they result in an acceleration of already destructive slash-and-burn agricultural in these countries? Are 'clean' biofuels worth accelerated deforestation (both in a general ecological sense and specifically in terms of net balance of CO2 emissions/sinks)? Just something to keep in mind...


Phycotech's VSA photobioreactor is a technological breakthrough of photobioreactor design. The patent pending Vertical Serpentine Airlift photobioreactor incorporates positive features from each of the traditional photobioreactor designs such as tubular, flat panel and bubble column while leaving behind the negative aspects.

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