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March 24, 2006



On a parallel Earth, the dominant form of electricity generation is solar, due in part to the influence of Ra (the holy land is in Egypt). The weather determines daily life e.g. on sunny days they make aluminium, while on cloudy days, they play sport and drink beer (saving on sunscreen). On the summer solstice long weekend, they hold the annual EV challenge race around Mt Panorama; Dorf has just beaten Olden with an impressive 51% efficient PV battery booster.

One day, a visionary, let's call him Albert Flannery, reveals that their planet is cooling! With less sunlight reaching the ground below the solar collectors, the global mean temperature has fallen an entire degree. If they don't act, the croplands will turn to permafrost and the people will starve.

Albert has a radical plan, they should mine coal and burn it to produce electricity. Naturally, the people are sceptical, nobody has ever worked in an underground mine before (Ra forbids it!). And what of this crazy steam turbine concept, all those blades spinning at preposterous speeds, it could never work. The final nail in the coffin for Al's idea, is the economics. Everyone knows that solar energy is cheap, just 13 cents for a kilowatt hour - this new fangled coal technology would cost at least three times that - the global economy might collapse.

What's my point? On our earth you can buy an entire bicycle from K-mart for $72. Walk across to Hobbyco, and a single bearing hand picked from the catalogue might cost $80. The cost of any technology has more to do with economies of scale, than properties intrinsic to the product. The technology that works, is the dominant technology, not necessarily vice versa. When people say that solar energy is not economically viable, I pray to Ra that the coal will disappear overnight – solar energy would become economical faster than you could say "pass the sunscreen". Global warming is a failure of the too-free market, not technology. Understanding this is cold comfort as we watch An Inconvenient Truth fade from the news and the public consciousness.

Solar Power Installation

Thanks for this wonderful post.

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