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March 15, 2006




I'm an engineer in thermodynamics and heat transfer, so I always get excited about stuff with plasma and high-tech processes :-)

This is a brilliant way to re-cycle used tires. Of course, the will hardly make a dent in gasoline consumption (everytime you fill your gas tank, you use much more gasoling/ethanol than could be produced from your tires), but everything counts.

Interesting post.



Why not make something closer to gasoline or diesel? Ethanol isn't the best fuel for engines.

Jim from The Energy Blog

As ethanol replaces MBTE in gasoline there is going to be a short supply of ethanol and it can command a premium price. This will be seen in the price of gasoline later this year. In the long run, prices of gasoline are going to continue to escalate and at some time ethanol will be the less expensive alternate. Flexible fuel vehicles are available at little of no extra cost. The disadvantages of ethanol (lower mileage per gallon and slightly more corrosive), although real, are a small price to pay for a cleaner and renewable source of liquid fuels. All cars are built to be used with up to 10% ethanol in gasoline. It will take several years before all gasoline will contain 10% ethanol. The elastomers and plastics that ethanol, in high concentrations, attacks is replaced in flexible fuel vehicles. Engine oils that improve the lubrication when ethanol is used are being introduced, which lessens any corrosion in the engine. It is going to take at least a decade to build up our production capacity and we have to start now. Brazil already mandates that their gasoline contain a minimum of 25% ethanol and that appears to be the model that much of the world is likely to follow.

matthew phillips

This is a great idea and one I heard about here in the UK on the radio. My business is constantly working and researching renewable energy projects. Are you aware of anyone promoting this concept in the UK or are you looking for a representative in the UK to try and promote your work?

James Ricks

Does anyone know the efficiency of such a process. They are proposing 52,000,000 gallons of ethanol production, that is ~343,000,000 pounds of ethanol. Each 100 ton machine at top efficiency can cycle through ~ 73,000,000 pounds of tires in one year. At 100 percent efficiency
(highly unlikely) that is five 100 ton machines running everyday. This would require ~14,000,000 tires. It makes me wonder how many pounds of tires are really required to produce the 52,000,000 gallons of ethanol.

steven davies

Ethanol From Tires,sounds interesting.
I am not an engineer,but I agree with Thomas that it is a brilliant way to recycle used tires and to make future fuel:)

Syrus Rounds

I am very interested in researching data on plasma converter and the elemental recycling of trash in general. Scientific and effciency information not presented by the system manufacture would be most desirable.


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Plasma Installation

Thanks a lot

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Ethanol is a primarily plant-based fuel which can be produced from such sources as sugar cane, corn, waste paper and grains like wheat or sorghum.This organic origin is one of the advantages of ethanol fuel most heavily touted by its proponents, who strongly believe drivers would be better served by a dependence on domestic farmers than dependence on foreign oil producers and big oil companies.


Additionally,ethanol fuel is ethanol (ethyl alcohol) the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages.It can be used as a fuel, mainly as a biofuel alternative to gasoline, and is widely used by flex-fuel light vehicles in Brazil and as an oxygenate to gasoline in the United States.

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Ethanol gas is a plant-based fuel which means it can be made from a renewable resource.An advantage of burning ethanol produces less pollution.Because ethanol is created with more organic material than traditional gasoline,it puts fewer toxins into a car's exhaust and ultimately,into the atmosphere.

stainless steel coil

The recycling factor of producing ethanol from used material is a good thing.This one might be related as well.Plasma is simply a gas (air) that the Converter ionizes so it becomes an effective electrical conductor and produces a lightning-like arc of electricity that is the source of the intense energy transferred to the waste material as radiant energy.

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It's a good combination.The ethanol serves as the material while the plasma converter as the tool to make the process.It's nice to know continuous discovery in generating energies from natural materials will benefit both environment and people.


Fantastic submit once again mate. I believe you’ve hit the nail

about the head there. It does not ought to be challenging yet mose

men and women fail to recognize the basics.

Conrad Harris

Extremely interesting, didn't know any of that stuff. Finally found a solution to simply burning used tires.


Just what New Jersey needs lol. Seriously, at least now we can make good use of all those worn out tires.

Used Tires

Interesting Article! i never knew that Tires generate such amount of Ethanol itself that harms enivronment


The PCG exiting the plasma converter vessel (PCV), this vessel is analogous to the gasifier in the energy industries, goes to the gas treatment system where it is cooled and undergoes several steps of treatment to remove undesirable impurities.

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Really interesting


I think it can save a lot, it will be very efficient to use this. Aside from the ethanol it also uses plasma converter to make it more environment friendly.

Kathleen Mizrahi

very good source of information , very useful facts and i really learned a lot...


So what ever happened? Did the facility get started? Did tires get consumed? I love the concept and really think it should work (either for fuel or for chemical feedstocks production) but over the years I've seen a ton of these types of blog postings and then never hear follow-up on results....this one is now 5+ years old and I haven't seen Future Fuels or Startech plant online with results so what's the deal...is this just another get grant money then run scheme?

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