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February 26, 2006



Too bad this car is making it to the US... For a car that small, looking like that, it should be getting WAY MORE than 38 MPG city. That is a joke.

That car is likely to become evidence item "A" in reasons why Americans will reject gimmicking cars....


I don't understand my Toyota Tercel 1999 makes 32 MPG in city!

Brian W. Cole

I expect better fuel mileage numbers from smaller cars too, but the Smart Car can deliver excellent fuel economy. In last May's Monte Carlo-style Rally that was part of the Tour de Sol, Hugo Marsolais got 75mpg with his Smart Car. That was far above the factory numbers. The car engine was diesel not petrol, and ran on biodiesel.

The Monte Carlo rally for hybrid & biofuel vehicles is on again this year. Basically register to start at any of a number of start sites around the country, drive to Saratoga Spa State Park (NY) for the Tour de Sol competitions, see how your fuel efficiency stacks up against others, and maybe get a prize. There's an auto museum on the park grounds, & an autoshow to boot. May 10-14th. More info:

Jim from The Energy Blog

ZAP announced on March 23, 2006 the results of fuel economy testing from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the Smart Car Americanized for ZAP. The ZAP is the nation's most fuel-efficient all-gas turbo-powered car with a fuel economy rating of 40 miles per gallon for city and freeway driving, according to the EPA testing lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It also ranks third overall behind two hybrid models according to the EPA's SmartWay(TM) Green Vehicle Guide


I want one, when are they coming to California?

Tony Allen

ZAP doesn't have a chance with the Smart Car, read the latest press release announced today:


Tony Allen

SR's Zap cut out of Smart Car sales

Smart GmbH and United Auto Group Inc. said Thursday they will bring the two-seat Smart fortwo to the United States in early 2008 - cutting out a Sonoma County company that once planned to distribute the vehicle.

See story below
Santa Rosa-based Zap, an auto dealership specializing in fuel-efficient vehicles, once planned to import hundreds of thousands of Smart cars and reconfigure the vehicles to meet U.S. government standards. But that prospect was dashed in June when DaimlerChrysler, manufacturer of the Smart Car, announced it would market an American version of the vehicle.

Zap at one point claimed to have received $2 billion in orders for Smart cars from dealerships across the country.

The company no longer intends to distribute Smart cars, said Steve Schneider, chief executive officer of Zap.

"It was a great project, and we put a lot of money and energy into it," he said.

Now it is a complicated story laced with litigation, he said.

The company filed a $4 billion lawsuit last year against DaimlerChrysler, manufacturer of Smart cars, that is still pending, Schneider said. Zap believes it created the market and then was shut out when things heated up, he said.

Zap will now focus on the cars it imports from China and Brazil, Schneider said.

Boeblingen, Germany-based Smart, part of DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes Car Group, said its president, Ulrich Walker, had signed a general distributor agreement with United Auto chairman Roger Penske on Wednesday.

"This is absolutely the right car in the right place at the right time. It embodies the unique combination of a lifestyle and design-oriented vehicle that is ecologically appealing," Walker said. "Smart is uniquely designed, offers the lowest cost of ownership and is very fun to drive."

The agreement outlines all aspects of the model's sale in the United States, including sales, service and the initial launch.

The first dealerships to carry the car are expected to be announced in the second half of 2007, with the car available to buyers during the first quarter of 2008.

United Auto will be responsible for picking potential dealers and developing and maintaining the vehicle dealership network throughout the United States. It will focus mainly on highly populated areas and have 30 to 50 dealerships.

Smart launched the fortwo in Canada in 2004, and last year it sold about 4,000 models there, or twice what it had initially forecast.

Last year, Smart sold 143,000 cars worldwide, a small increase from the 139,000 it sold in 2004. It produced 124,300 cars in the same period, down from 152,100 the previous year.

Earlier this year, DaimlerChrysler chief executive Dieter Zetsche said high gas prices, congested roadways and the constant search for parking made the fortwo an ideal car for U.S. buyers, particularly in urban areas.

The fortwo's three-cylinder, 700cc engine has significantly lower emissions than other cars and gets an average of 40 miles per gallon in combined city-highway driving. It will sell for less than $15,000.

Other automakers also have begun selling small, sporty cars, including Toyota Motor Corp., which has the Yaris, and Honda Motor Co., which sells the Fit.

DaimlerChrysler has spent nearly 1 billion euros on restructuring Smart, cut 300 of the 750 jobs at the unit's headquarters and ended production of its larger, four-seater forfour model.

Larry West

Why doesn't this car get 80 mpg? 40? What a joke. Don't waste my time with this piece of junk. When are the real fuel efficient vehicles going to arrive?


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Oh! I like that cute car. It seems so easy to drive with. I can't wait to see it in market. Thanks for sharing this post.


John Wolfram

Well, help for the fuel economy is on the way. We have been very successful at increasing small engine fuel efficiency by as much as 50%. So it is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be here.

Tim S. Conley

I am using the oil for my car from Guardian lubricants, my fuel mileage went from 24 to 31 miles to the gallon. My car has more get up and go than I thought it ever would. I would recommend this oil for the smart car and any other car out there if you want more mile to the gallon. Their web site is www.guardianlube.com

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