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February 28, 2006



I tried looking this up and maybe someone with more search skills than I can find it. I was wondering what the cost of the PowerBuoy is in comparison to a standard navigational buoy, a rough number of how many navigational buoys are in the US waterways, and what the replacement/upgrade costs of existing buoys to the PowerBuoy.

That might be something to study.

Jim from The Energy Blog

The PowerBouy isn't intended to replace a navigational buoy. It is intended to be placed in the open ocean, away from navigation, where the depth is greater than 30 meters. A group, eventually a very large group, is clustered together to generate power. Costs of individual units have not been published. All I know is in my post on wave power. Links to the companies that make ocean power devices can be found there.


Ok, so it's intended use justifies not looking into duel uses? The website says that it can be outfitted with navigational aids. I don't see why similar technology couldn't be adapted for conventional useage, giving the advantages of a power supliment in an otherwise already required system. Much like installing PV roofing with a grid inter-tie. A house needs a roof anyway, why not let it generate power? Our waterways need navigational buoys anyway, why not let them generate power?


"Our waterways need navigational buoys anyway, why not let them generate power?"

A good question. Maybe there's something there. On the other hand, there's probably a big economy of scale involved: you have to invest in power cabling to the shore, which will be most cost-effective if shared by many bouys.

Daniel Johnston

Bouys have to flash to alert shipping to their existence anyway - the power could at least be used for that!


As I understand it these Power Buoys generate significantly more power than is required to run the navigation beacons themselves.

George Taylor

Great Plan for the Future. Great alt to dealing with the Middle East situation.


You are missing the point; navigational equipment would require electrical power on the order of a couple of car/boat batteries. This PowerBouy generates hundreds of mega-watts! Enough to power a cluster of homes. This is its only purpose…

Is the blog called The Navigattional Buoy Blog? No I think not...

BTW Ocean Power Technologies just (within a month?) went on the NASDAQ.


Check out OPT's project in Oregon...to develop a wave power PARK.

It almost sounds as if they will have more than one unit in the water. A multiple buoy system, a growing grid of clean power generation... How cool is that?



Another advancement for the amazing professional scientists and engineers who work at OPT:

Ocean Power Technologies to Harness Spanish Waves


The company’s headquarters is in Pennington, NJ USA.

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The idea is to utilize ocean waves to generate electricity. There is currently a company called OPC that is traded on the London Stock Exchange. Do you know anything about this company? Is it a good investment? Are they receiving cooperation from Government?

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The PowerBouy isn't intended to replace a navigational buoy. It is intended to be placed in the open ocean, away from navigation, where the depth is greater than 30 meters.

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