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February 28, 2006



While efficiencies are a great thing what good will they be if the post peak oil crunch comes before they hit the market? This is just a new way of using hydro carbons which are in decline. Only technologies that can more cheaply creat hydrogen on demand from water will be of any lasting utility.


Good idea; use the feedstock to do some of the work for you. Simple in concept but very difficult to execute in design. Wonder if this process depends on the consistent composition of the feedstock being used? If so matching the resonance of the feedstock to the frequency used for processing could be complicated by contaminants.


Good design questions, I had similar feedstock question, i.e., would these work with bio-gas?

One of the primary challenges is safe storage and handling of hydrogen, no matter the feedstock of process.

Off-topic, yet related, are there any chemical engineers in the peanut gallery that have a sense of how useful on-demand, H2DI (Hydrogen Direct Injection) would be for vehicles running on E85 (blend of 85% ethanol and 15% petroleum distillates)?

Crunk Works

....is absolutely prohibitive and is projected to remain so for as long as 20 years...

Dropping the costs of fuel cells centers around the membrane - several ideas could drop the cost of MEAs over night (not 20 years) - First is the switch from fluorocarbonated membranes to hydrocarbon (there are several companies involved in this research - results are very promising) the other is a new architecture - combined mixed reactant (CMR, UK) (eliminating the need for bipolar plates) and opening up possibilty for inkjet printed MEAs...

The conversation on fuel cells seems stuck in 1998 - let's move forward. This is just advanced nanoscale material science- surface chemistry - not nuclear science... stop saying "20 years" before fuel cells become feasible-- four major auto companies have confirmed production models for 2010- and I suspect we'll see scooters and bikes by 2009...

And enough about ethanol- Electricity is what powers the world- and we need a universal standard for electricity - (i.e. hydrogen) not a complex chain of hydrocarbons --
Ethanol does not open the door to solar, wind, nuclear, wave, et al. Why base a system on biomass?

Also - the problem is combustion -- ethanol plays right into the cards of an ancient technology. Car companies need to exit the mechanical energy world- ethanol will only continue to bleed their profits...


I have designed and tested (what i call a hybrid) unit for my car (Subaru-Justy1000) whereby i use the abundant sea-water (Seychelles afterall!!!) in the electrolyzer and draw the 12V supply from my battery while the engine is running (1500rpm - iddle) and i have really noticed remarkable power output (engine performance) in the demanding hills of the island.

I firstly had a bench-test (so-to-speak) where i had the same set up but i wanted to visually witness the production in volume of the gases. I did the trivial hydrogen "pop-test" at the Hydrogen port and it was literally cracking!!

All this talk of Steam Reforming for small-scale production of hydrogen would make much more sense if we realize that while the Hydrocarbons used for the Reforming process has a market price, water is absolutely free (well, at least on my side).

I did my first degree in Mechanical Engineering in Scotland (Graduated in July 2002) but i so wish i had another opportunity to take my idea further into actually incorporating the Hydrogen-Production unit onto the vehicle itself as the sole fuel unit rather than breaking our heads about storage technology.

By the way, i also have a pending project on Coconut-BioDiesel which i've decided to put on hold since Hydrogen seemed far more appealing..plus i've just had my second son within 2-years!!


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