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January 13, 2006



Do you guys believe the peak oil theory of not building refining capacity. Peak oilers seems to believe that the reason why the US has not built a refinery for a few decades is because world was gonna hit peak oil. Here are some peak oil sites I found


Anna Coulling

Moves by the CFTC to try and regulate the oil trading market and prevent the kind of speculation which has seen crude oil prices rise from $30 per barrel back towards $70+ this year took an interesting twist yesterday when it was announced that the weekly COT data would now include new details on the aggregate holdings of the big Wall Street dealers, hedge funds and other financial participants. COT data is a useful market sentiment tool but as many of the market participants both hedge and speculate it has become increasingly difficult to analyse. According to the CFTC the new format will be making its debut next Friday.


BP Oil crisis - Complexity

Why does something as simple as an oil leak turn into a full blown out crisis? Part of the reason is that British Petroleum (BP) denied world wide help until BP realized that the oil leak was much greater than they had anticipated. Even though we have access to the technology to prevent global epidemics like famine and starvation, they still occur despite our best efforts. What might start off as a simple problem can quickly escalate into a natural disaster if the appropriate response doesn’t happen immediately.


“What might start off as a simple problem can quickly escalate into a natural disaster if the appropriate response doesn’t happen immediately.”

Interesting concept. This mentality could be applied virtually any problem. Expand this concept to a global scale, and it will probably take exponentially longer for a response to occur in time.


I remember seeing a discussion on the shortage of resources and people competing for those resources on a Facebook community page http://www.facebook.com/thewatchmansrattle

Here’s the link to the actual video on why people hoard resources and compete with one another when they know working together creates the best outcome for everyone.


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