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January 28, 2006



Much of the higher prices in oil currently are due to speculation. Political instability in the middle east. In addition, growing demand in India and China. Investors in gasification projects understand this, and are waiting to see how things settle.

One large recession will dampen demand considerably worldwide, and the overthrow of the mullahs in Iran would settle 90% of the political instability in the Persian Gulf region for at least the next few years. Oil could drop by 60-70%. Investors know these things and take them into account.


What goes around comes around. If I recall correctly, the field of organic chemistry got kicked into high gear by european (German?) breakthroughs in coal-based chemicals and dyes.

Castor Oil

While coal-based oil and chemicals could help in the short and medium run (perhaps next 50-100 years), long term, I'd reckon that only bio-based, non-renewable sources of feedstock would be sustainable for both fuels as well as chemicals

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Hii there,
can anyone help with learning about the prices of coal chemicals - mainly coal tar pitch. i would like to track them on a regular basis. is there any website or a publication from where i can source the info?
Kindly help me..

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i am doing a project for school and i need to find the chemical potency for 6 different chemicals. i have no idea what "potency" is. i looked it up and know the definition but i don't know how it refers to harmful chemicals. i need to know the potency of these 6 chemicals: zinc,lead,arsenic,xylene,chlorine,malathion
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I must say this article left me totally shocked, because it explain some things that I'm sure too much people didn't have idea about it. Besides, it help us to increase our knowledge about this stuff.

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this is an awesome idea but I prefer SOlar energy, for me is the best, is better for the environment


The Photobioreactors are used in producing an alternative source of energy in the form of bio fuels from algae. There are extensive studies and research done in order to perfect the process in deriving clean and natural fuels from algae biomass. Not only is this source good for the planet but is also cost effective and possible for use even in average households.

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