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January 06, 2006



While I am very happy that these new environmental standards are being implemented - they will be a boon for everyone in the long term - they will - in the short term - mean higher gas prices/price volatility as the article says. We are already expriencing a refinery shortage (although perhaps not for too much longer) and these new measures are likely to exacerbate the problem for a while anyway.

Personally, I don't see this as much of a problem as I think the U.S. consumer could do well with a bit of shock from high gas prices as they did this summer.

The memory of a typical U.S. consumer is apparently only about 30 days long as we saw tons of articles about flagging SUV sales and higher small car sales at the end of the post-Katrina summer when gas prices soared but now that they are down below pre-Katrina levels, SUV sales are already rebounding. A few more price shocks to jog their memories might not be so bad ... barring the political willpower to actually implement a gas tax to keep gas prices steadily high enough to prompt some conservation...


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