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January 20, 2006



One drawback is that the foam is fragile compared to a normal lead-acid battery. Apparently really fragile! That may be one limiting factor towards putting these in vehicles.


How fragile is really fragile?

Jim from The Energy Blog

I don't think that Firefly would have proceeded this far if the foam was "really fragile." My opinion is that the foam may be applied as a semi-liquid material but it is cured or dried into a stable material that is suitable for the rigors that are required in an automotive battery.

Cat guy

Um...they invented this stuff to go into CAT equipment..as in Bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks

I think they can handle the smooth ride of a car

steve johnston

As the years go by from the time of their original anouncement and there are no real world batteries available, one begins to wonder.

Robin Pilger

Firefly reports putting their batteries though a multi-hundred hour 5g test sucessfully. Remember the original application that these batteries were developed for is their parent company, Catipeller.

Probyn Gayle

Just when we think the lead acid battery is dead. We have another company,Power Technologies Inc.,also with a similar lead acid battery technology. They call theirs a "reticulated lead foam plate"

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