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January 22, 2006



I didn't realize this company existed much less was operating out of my 'backyard' here in Oregon. Thanks for the article.

Solar Panel Steve

That's certainly interesting news. I only wonder just how expensive these models will be...

Jim from The Energy Blog

"Management projects that in volume production a 6KW system will sell in the $4500-$5000 range which will result in a cost/KW of roughly $650. This cost is expected to come down into the $400/ KW range with mass production efficiencies."


I was there on friday. Had to sign the usual non-disclosure form. Hydra has made a significant technical advance in the design and manufacture of pem fuel cells.

Steve Zorbas

Hi all,

Honda will commercially release their FCV in year 08/9,and take GMs "Moonshot" unless....

Angstrom Power Inc will soon be sending me their G2 and R2 units,and another 30-40 company pre-commercial releases will happen this year.

Dont' doubt it, there is a "pe-space"build up taking place now , like pre-1969.If you didn't see it you won't know.



Bruce Kerth

Well, I see the stock is at 8 cents today. And their losses have been falling. Any other news??


Its almost 2010, have they shipped anything?

Are they hiring?

Have they changed their website in 5yrs?

custom outdoor cushions

cost/KW of roughly $650. This cost is expected to come down into the $400/KW range

auto insurance companies

They are talking in billions here. Hope they deliver and become one of the pioneer companies.

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