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January 23, 2006



9000 cycles??? How much life is left in the battery after 9000 cycles?? Not that 9000 is bad or ant thing -- just wondering.


9000 cycles is 1/day for ~25 years.  Somehow I think most cars won't be in use that long.


WOW -- 25 years -- not bad and I am assuming there is still at least some cycles left after 9000 -- if this is true then this battery stuff is get-in out of hand in a good way!!! With 3 minutes for a full charge it would take less time to stop and recharge then it would to fill up with any other liquid fuel ... now if they can only figure how to recharge them over night using solar power then ... LOL ... ha ha.

Action Jackson

Has anyone heard of a company called Enerteck (etck.ob). They make a catalyst that is supposed to deliver increased MPG for diesel. Sounds like they have had success in marine, trucks and locomotive transport diesels.


Is Altair related to A123 Systems who have anounced a breaktrough like this in 2002 and is currently shipping batteries with 10 the capacity of liIo that recharge in a few minutes to full...?

Jim from The Energy Blog

Altair has no connection to A123. For a fairly recent update on A123 see this post

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nice. gotta love new inventions. definitely an improvement.

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