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January 24, 2006



Slick looking vehicle.


Wishing you total success.
Please keep me posted on your progress.
Thank you.

Pat Sayjack

It looks like a frickin duck!!!

Chandler Edwards

This is a modern version of the VW Beetle. Finally, something to stop the US dependence on foreign oil and the pollution issues from motorists. Hell ya! Hopefully this will revolutionalize the auto industry.

Kit P

Chandler, hate to break you bubble but the beattle was a junk particularly compared to the rice burner econ boxes of the era. Second, you could buy a VW if you were so inclined as many hippies were at the time. You will never be able to buy the Aptera in mass quantities, it is just a gimmick kind of like the hoola hoop except not as popular. Finally it does not really get 330 mpg. This is called marketing (aka telling a big wopper to see if they can part you and your money).

The Jetsons Car

Looks sleek.. Finally an eco friendly invention..

Jetsons Car

Quite a revolution for a better tomorrow..

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