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January 03, 2006


geoff thomas

you might be intererested to know that a.p moller container terminals has recently used siemens capacitors to power heavy container handling equipment( rubber tired gantries or 'rtg's)
claimed extra cost is offset by air quality and maintanence savings....


hi sir,
thnks for ur latest information on the topic.

juan yris

Es interesante el tema de ultracapacitores como fuente de energia para equipos de cd.

Lj Ogwin

Please explain how replacing a battery on an internal combustion engine would increase the efficiency of the engine.


Your quote below:

General Motors has developed a pickup truck with a V8 engine that uses the supercapacitor to replace the battery. The efficiency of the engine rose by 14%.

Libin Vadavathi

Dear Sir,
I have got one new project, supercapacitor based UPS , kindly give some idea…
At presently we are using a dc uninterrupted power supply (UPS) source for electric utility field sites to power the communication devices long enough for them to signal loss of power and to transmit critical data.
In dc UPS we are using 500mAh NiMH battery pack..Since our maximum operating temperature is 70 deg and product life should be minimum of 10years..This NiMH battery pack we cannot use, so we are planning to go for supercapacitor based dc UPS.
UPS input voltage is = +5Vdc
Output voltage = +5Vdc
Backup capability = +5V at +3 A for 12 minutes.

Can you provide some idea for starting this project? Like, which supercapacitor we have to use for this application, is it feasible?

Diesel Oil Additive

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 solar collectors

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