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December 08, 2005


Steve Yang

Great idea. But,
I seriously doubt the utility of 60 Watt, at 36V of peak power, with questionable interface to the intricate electronics of the Prius.
$2200 for a car battery charger is too pricey!

I assume a couple of HorsePower maybe needed to keep a car rolling on electric power.
I would like to collaborate with any one interested in developing a more useable system.

Rundel Fertatas

This is a great idea for parking lot replenishing of car batteries. Obviously no one is suggesting that all of the motive power will be provided by the solar panels, real time. And certainly the intricate electronics of the Prius will be well protected by the design--a fused, voltage regulated, connection to the battery terminals. Not exactly rocket science.

Ivan Kirigin

Actually, this won't really charge the battery used to move the car. It's the alternative store used for things like power locks and windows.

You can still save from it, as this means less energy used in the ICE to power this battery, but it won't be huge. You just need far more than 30W at 12V to make a change, especially to power the more significant battery systems of the plug-in modded version.


wow!!! this car make really good and no! air pollution and also can list destruction noise....

run your car on water

i never heard of solar power cars. this is so new to me.

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