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December 18, 2005



One of the problems with the global warming political movement is that the solutions being offered are worse than the apparent problem. Kyoto? What a joke! Get real.

Bush for all his reputed airheadedness, is thinking more like a scientist than this posting. A great deal more substantiation will be necessary for any real scientist to claim that both the current era is hotter than any within X hundred thousand years, AND that the heating trend is due significantly to human activity.

Ivan Kirigin

Well, there are policy choices that could be taken which would have the effect of reducing the risk that global warming is real, AND have very good side effects.

Better batteries, efficient solar, and fusion are our best bets.

The first would revolutionize robotics. Further, vehicles that run on batteries would emit neither carbon dioxide, nor the host of other sincerely toxic fumes resulting from burning gasoline.

Better solar would allow for a distributed energy generation system that would make our grid more secure. It would also help remote areas and military mobile outposts.

Fusion would be gold.

Funding research can only benefit an economy, not hurt it like arbitrary carbon reductions.

Further, it would be more likely to be guided by scientific peer review. Somehow I doubt carbon reduction regulations would by anything but inscrutable.

Finally, you get the benefit of the market. If you make these technologies so cheap that they beat the competition on price, and not just presumed smaller externalities, then you don't even need any tax break or incentives to adopt it.

It'll happen because people are self-interested.

bill johnson


Get the facts.

John N. Spratta

Wow these are great fantasies!

People get a grip. Global warming of course it's true didn't anyone think to check out what is happeining in the solar system - ala the sun gets hotter every day. It will eventually Red Giant and most likely consume planet earth. Before that, however, the earth keeps warming every day proportional (for now) to the increase in the sun's temperature.

Man made - NO!
Gloal warming fact - Yes!

Make a pact with yourselves that you'll stop buying into the lies based on your own ignorance. Learn, make truely informed decisions not just what the mainstream science (with very little else to justify their existence or 'Grant' $) wants you to believe.

Andrew blundell

i feel that i cant beleave global warming because my first love was a thirty two year old man who abussed my ass and my mouth.


Have you ever seen the solar light
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