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December 05, 2005



Now that is taking a systems approach!


I thought you'd like this plant E-P.


How'd you know I like tilapia? ;-)

Kevin Kenney

Corn-to-Ethanol not so Simple:

An open letter to all concerned about the high price of oil and the future of our environment.

by: Kevin Kenney - Grassroots Energy, Seward, Ne.

Nebraska has entered the petroleum industry with the current unprecedented industrial expansion of ethanol plants in the state. At the current rate of growth ethanol may soon be a larger value-added product for the state than beef. However, Nebraska produced ethanol is not a petroleum product until it is mixed with unleaded gas. In order to blend it with a petroleum product, ethanol marketing groups are working as middlemen between corn farmers and the petroleum corporations.

It is ironic that the Nebraska farmer may purchase ethanol blended with 'cancer-causing-gasoline' at the pump, but he does not have the choice to run his vehicles on non-toxic 'neat ethanol' which is made from his own corn. That's right; it is possible to run a gasoline engine on nearly straight ethanol.

In fact I purchased a conversion kit and a cold engine starter kit from a Brazilian company, installed in my 1995 Ford van and it now runs on 'denatured ethanol' fuel, 0% gasoline!

The van was tested several months ago at Southeast Community College, Milford, Ne. at the automotive tech department. The fuel formulation, ‘EM-95™’ tested almost 100% clean & was quoted by the Lab Tech as being the ‘cleanest vehicle ever tested’ at the college.’….just fuel from corn!

Furthermore, this conversion kit will works in all types of weather with either gasoline or ethanol, all at the push of a switch. And if that isn't a great enough use of the 'Husker State's' #1 energy product, using a minimum 190 proof ethanol(denatured) can entitles us to a 51 cent per gallon federal tax credit the 'oil barons' are currently soaking up.

190 proof ethanol contains 5% water remaining after the distilling process. It is the highest % alcohol you can get by distilling ethanol. It takes much less natural gas to make than 200 proof, thus less cost. Also, 190 proof' could speed up most of the Nebraska ethanol plants fuel output rates. This could allow our ethanol plants to increase their capacities 10% or more while still maintaining the same 200 proof output gallons destined for the petroleum industry. At this time, there are virtually zero ‘190 proof' gallons being produced by any ethanol plants in the Midwest. Brazil’s even uses a lower alcohol content in their cars' fuel tanks.(185 proof) They’ve done it for years with virtually the same engines that we’re using! Looks like they've already taken a stand against their 'oil barons' & won.

It is time Nebraskans, as well as all Americans, had a choice in whether to use ethanol which has not been blended with unleaded gas or not. The ethanol plants are currently serving the interest of the petroleum corporations at the expense of the American citizen. The current scenario is analogous to the beef rancher being cut off from purchasing lean cuts of beef at local butcher shops while having the only beef available be hamburger generously mixed with fat. Just think, ethanol is soon to become our number one product (possibly 2.5 billion gallons/yr production planned in 18 months) and we cannot purchase it from whom we sell our corn to.

To add insult to injury there are currently no 'Ethanol Marketing Groups' based in Nebraska. For example, here is a list of marketing groups who are selling our homegrown ethanol almost exclusively to the oil barons.
http://www.admworld.com Archer Daniels Midland

Gasoline consumers deserve the same access that the petroleum industry enjoys to directly purchase denatured ethanol from local Nebraska ethanol plants. This should be mandated by the Unicameral and regulated in a way that allows any individual or and business who want to use denatured neat ethanol as a complete 'neat-fuel' (i.e. EM-95™) to have the ability to do so. If such laws were enacted it would ease the sales burden of the local ethanol plant boards and managers that believe and acknowledge this possibility, but are hesitant to wander from their unregulated buying groups binding ‘take-off contracts’. These contracts are bogus & should be a ‘thing of the past’.
There is no need help market ethanol to Shell, BP, Exxon, etc... to blend with gasoline! They already have a mandate to blend ethanol from the 2005 energy bill! In the mean time, we're being 'duped' into giving away the ‘green credits’ to the petroleum industry.

The $.51/gal blenders credit is the way petroleum marketers can be subsidized by the federal government for their ethanol purchases. To get this ‘green credit’, petroleum marketers purchase ethanol directly from local producers(via Ethanol Marketing Groups' 'Take-Off-Contracts'…see list). Thus, downstream users must hope that the ‘retail pump price’ reflects this credit. Not happening! I say, let’s get this credit ourself & use the darn stuff here first! We are entitled the same credit but it needs to be a ‘straight alcohol fuel’ blend(i.e. EM-95™) ….not a petroleum blended product. Entitlement requires access & that’s the issue that needs to be addressed…we need access to buy our own agricultural product, ethanol…., plain & simple.

Brazil...a 'Third-World-Country' is making it happen....why can't we? Folks, there is a world of opportunity if we stand up to this 'crafty' marketing scam. Call your state senator & make sure they know how sick you are of these high fuel prices & how we could be more self-reliant as a state in our energy needs if given the chance to do so. All we're given credit for by these 'Ethanol Marketing Barons' is having the ability to raise corn and deliver it to the elevators and ethanol plants in a 'robotic manner' for a cheap price.

Professor Thomas Martin was right when he said in his OWH editorial-May 2006:
'This example illustrates why it is time to choke the oil barons with a revolution worthy of our forefathers. Why are we being held captive by the executives of international corporations who do not have an allegiance to any nation or people? Let's roll! Huskers!

Kevin Kenney - email = ethanolfan@yahoo.com


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