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December 29, 2005



I think they are using magnetic bearings instead of mechanical bearings in the wind turbine. According to Texas A&M University, "Applications for magnetic bearings include: Turbo Generators, Electric Motors, Energy Storage Flywheels,Machine tools, Nautical Propulsion Systems, Wind Turbines, Applications with Heavy Shafts or Axles." See: http://tlo.tamu.edu/tlo/documents/INDR/1722.pdf

For an nice FAQ intro to magnetic bearings, see: www.skf.com/portal/skf_rev/home/technology?contentId=079612&lang=en

A company called Composit Power claims: "Concerns about wind speed and therefore location for siting a wind farm can be abated with the development of Composite Power Corporation's unique wind power generator. This wind power generator rests on a horizontal platform much like a water tank and the concept operates through the integration of proven technologies in the fields of magnetic levitation, induction generation, energy storage and composite wind turbine blade design. The anticipated advantages of Composite Power Corporation's wind power generator are: low facility costs per kilowatt hour production, minimal maintenance, no wearing parts, no braking or feathering required, lower wind velocities for start up, insensitive to shifts in wind direction, more aesthetically and environmentally acceptable and low noise generation." See: www.compositepower.com/company_info3.html


CompositePower offers very little information on their wind turbine design.

Here's a skeptical discussion of the company in general and the following is an excerpt on CompositePower's wind turbine. Doesn't look to promising.

"There also are questions about the wind turbine Composite Power envisions. It would spin on its side, rotating on a vertical axis like a merry-go-round and looking more like a water tower than a windmill.

The new turbine, with dozens of vertical blades, would generate power at much slower wind speeds because it would avoid friction by using a sort of magnetic levitation system, according to the company.

Each turbine would generate an average of 20 megawatts or more, the company claims -- more than 30 times the output of any commercial wind turbine sold in the country today.

The wind industry is highly skeptical such a machine could produce that much energy given the dimensions Composite Power is talking about. The output of a wind turbine is largely a function of the amount of area it sweeps, and a turbine as much as 80 feet high and 150 feet in diameter wouldn't be large enough.

"It sounds like a real stretch," said Alan Laxson, a wind researcher with the federal government's National Wind Technology Center in Colorado. "There's not even that much power in a column of wind like that. It sounds like somebody dropped a decimal point."

Robinson said the turbine is still in the research and development phase. But a year-old business plan promised a prototype would be built at a site near Arlington, Ore., followed by construction of a wind farm that would generate 50 percent more power than the Stateline Wind Project west of Walla Walla, the world's largest."


If a horozontal cylinder is placed or I realy should say welded to a metal platform,
(A)opposing magnets bolted verticaly according to pr2 by internal measurements with gaps between the opposing magnets pos neg not less than one millapart and a magnetic disc of internal cylindrical width separated by a non conductive rezon between the inner cylinder at floor level pos, then drop gently a solid cigar bolted with magnets equal to the inner external wall,(however carfully) lowered down the inner sacktom of the magnet chamber,not a coiled one leckys ,then the turning of a fans pushed by the wind then turnes a pully which turns a generator which makes small electricity,the electricity is then input into the chamber of opposing magnetics with a lid obviously bolted down to enclose the cylinder which is also manetised to the opposite of the botom neg then the shaft will float,the cylinder wll begin to rotate by the emfs input.Normal Right.But the extreme power coming out of the regulator is re-fed into the inner magnetic shell to re feed the magnetic force and so thus the cylinder inside will begin to spin faster and also float hence(no friction).Above the magnetised disc that is resoned from the outer wall,the so called spherical motion will become perpetual inside.Time to turn the wind fan off and re_feed ending by tapping the output source from the perpetual magnetic ring. warning dont wear a pacemaker or jewelery,and keep it cool on the outside. Just a thought,as a rule of HUMAN NATURE knock it before you try it.


Yes I se the point. If the Earth cansit inside the van allen belts and spin so can we make a renewable enery using the wind to start it all off . THIS IDEA IS DANGEROUSE HOW WOULD WE SLOW THE INTERNAL VELOCITY SO AS TO CONTROL IT.


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new balance

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