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November 27, 2005



My first thought was "what's the kWh draw, for a typical home?"

That should be a simple enough thing for the manufacturers to provide.

(as a glancing aside, it is amusing to talk about "waste heat" in a heating application. The question might be how much heat of all types can be passed to the target, and how much is lost to air (in summer time ;-))

karl  (scam?  despite spending too much time just now don't know)


Is a credible link on the core technology even though it's not retail.

Specifically it's a buck fifty for every dollar compared to combustion technologies.

The critic missed the point. Using 100 percent efficient resistive requires a large tank because insufficient surface area limits the amount of watts it can handle.

Why that is I don't know but it is true.

The grid of course though doesn't want to have toinvest in demand charging meters for every condo.

Tanked heaters are profitable because they sometimes are on 24x7. Only the temperature varies and simple valves make that transparent to the showerer.

However the price, reported as $800-1000 seems to suggest that a heat pump could be afforded within tha scale, although it would require an air supply to harvest heat from and the air would have to be warm, but it would be wiser as an investment then expensive passive panels.

Carrier made such a three function device years ago.

So mainly this offers a way of reducing the maintenance of inefficient water heating and the size, weight, etc. It also saves energy from not wasting hot water. But our grid could not accomidate it. TOo many people shower at the same time on any city block. Even new construction would see the showering dhw demand cycle shorten from many times the duration of showers to just that duration.

Someone must of posted something about there manufacturing status as it's now early 07 and there is a lag time meaning if there are not already a lot of these assembled they are behind schedule.

WE can learn a lot by the fact that google has no such hit despite many minutes searching. It should of been called out months ago, and the awards it's won, the actual media articles about it locked as to comments are not, are an insult to the public trust.

But the real insult is on standard residential eletric rates being a bluff. No utility can provide even half of the main breaker rating if even ten percent demand it at any time.

The tank limits the amount of hotwater we use- to the amount ultimately most profitable to the utility.

Same goes for the lack of ice storage. There however the net energy used would be reduced at the same time as the occupied comfort increased.

Again there we suffer tghe occasional tgoo warm home- only to lin nthe stock holders pockets with unearned, litterally by our sweat not there's, gouging and waste.

Of course I woulod be fremis to point out the lack of shared boilers in mf is the greatest evidence of enterprise corruption against occupant interest- that includes earthlings generally.


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