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November 15, 2005



Looks like the nanotech lithium batteries a la A123 have already leapfrogged this approach. Besides, the USABC is as brain dead as the US car companies: they already developed an 80mpg car that none of the US carmakers will make. Why would a new battery developed by Johnson be any different?

Richard Antreasian

I must be missing something. Batteries for electric cars that will fulfill the needs of local transportation exist(70 to 150 miles per charge). Motors exist . Technology to build lightweight safe cars exist. By swapping out discharged batteries with charged ones at "filling stations" almost exists. Electron delivery systems exist.

It seems to me that energy independence and reduction of CO2 is well within reach.

So why don't people with money and technology make a product that is mass consumable that will address the political rhetoric about energy independence , green house gasses, jobs etc.jobs etc


"why don't people with money and technology make a product that is mass consumable"

In my opinion it is the systematic monopolization of capital, natural resources, and markets for manufacturing that is the most problematic factor.

The US has the biggest market. So when Japanese companies tend to move away from oil, which is natural since Japan lacks its own oil, US trade negotiators start nagging over "voluntary" import quotas. Voluntary? They made the japanese automakers "a deal they can't refuse" is more like it.

Either slow down plugin hybrid and electric vehicle introduction "voluntarily" or import quotas will be installed. Extortion.

When Altairnano or some other US battery technology or electric car upstart makes application for venture capital and government research grants, that capital is very slow in coming, and if/when it does it is short by a few orders of magnitude.

Instead of billions they get millions.

And those controlling the capital also control oil resources that they want to exploit down to the very last drop. It is hard to monopolize wind, waves, solar, and geothertmal heat. It's everywhere free.

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