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November 28, 2005



This sounds like the TI spherical cell technology that was bought by a Canadian company. Is it?


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Ricoh Rules...

I prefer using the new Ricoh Color product line over the Xerox Color line.

Ricoh has stronger and better systems, speaking from experience.

I wouldnt doubt it, if this post gets removed, since Xerox doesnt want people to know the truth.

I wouldnt go with Kyocera either, I dont know why any one would...

Thank goodness, for Ricoh and The Copier Group.
I bought a system through

Xerox used to be fine for me, but the Guys at The Copier Group were so helpful, they let me know that Ricoh was a better way to go...

Thanks Ricoh.

Low Cost Energy

Even if the efforts for lowering the costs for renewable energy have started a long time ago, we have not yet seen the desired results. We are on the right track, though.

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I built my own solar panels which saved me thousands of dollars and it was no way near has hard as you may think. It is deffinatley an option for people who do not want to pay the hefty price tags which most solar panel manufacturers charge.

Rerto Jordans

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Miroslav Miskovic

Why Would I Choose To Buy Earth4energy's Solar Power Guide?

Wholesale Solar

Excellent post! solar power is one of the best way to stop global warming on the earth. The technology to derive substantial electrical current using light from the sun has been around since the mid 1950's when the first solar cell was created by Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson at Bell Labs.
Solar power can save our earth.


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It might be possible that the costs of electricity rise dramatically in the short term, depending on where you live. In MD there was a ceiling cost for end users to come next year. I am a bit worried about what he will do to our bills.


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Solar Panels

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