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November 03, 2005


sankaravelayudhan nandakuamr

Windmills, located out to sea over the horizon, where the wind speed is higher and more consistent is the subject of two proposed developments. The floating windmill would be an upright steel and concrete tube about 660 feet, (200 meters) high with 260 feet (80 meters) protruding above the water and rotor blades 200 feet (60 meters) long. The 5 megawatt windmills would be anchored to the seabed at three points to keep them stable. Hydro hopes to deploy a 3 MW prototype in 2007, at a cost of about cost about $23 million (150 million Norwegian crowns).
By storing the energy in batteries it is available continuously or in response to peaks. His proprietary hydrogen production system does not employ electrolysis, but involves batteries. Not all platforms would necessarily produce hydrogen.The navigable unmanned platform would be controlled remotely and by pulling up it anchors could be navigated out of the way of approaching storms.
Off shore wind as an attractive long-term investment; It would be better to focus our resources on actually building wind turbines and generating renewable wind energy. Wind turbines aren't part of the project. Instead, the companies hope that by saving developers the cost of lining the sea floor with electrical cables able to deliver wind power to shore, they'll jump-start the building of offshore wind farms along the coast. The lack of transmission capability has been a major obstacle to wind energy development. "WindSea", which it calls next generation's floating wind power plant. Each WindSea platform has three towers and three turbines, one in each corner. This makes the plant more stable and makes for more effective maintenance.
European biologists who have studied the technology for a decade say offshore wind is generally environmentally benign, perhaps even more so than land-based wind power.
Transferring energy and essential data: Infrastructure plays an important role in the new renewable energy sector. Gathering the energy is just part of the equation. Our range of SubConn® connectors, medium and low power cables, terminations, high power connectors and penetrators and junction boxes are ideal for transferring power and data for renewable energy systems, and have already proven to be reliable in 3 decades of offshore use.
• Interconnectivity systems including special cable terminations and IL connectors
• Bend limiting and restrictor devices
• Subconn® harnesses
• “Optolink” fibre optic connectors
• Wet mate connectors, cables
• LV and MV penetrators
• Special junction boxes
• Sensor systems including navigation
• Cameras and f/o structural strain measurement
• Rotary products for turbine axis and vertical power swivel
• Multiplexers
• “DIDSON” – Dual Frequency Identification Sonar systems
• Essential advice and support

FORCE Technology develops next generation floating offshore windmills:
Offshore wind farm developers don't have to worry about the annoyances of environmental impact studies or deep-pocketed neighbors agitated about their ocean viewsin certain countries but in certain coutries they have to worry about. ramping up its renewable energy sector in part by abusing or simply ignoring international trade rules that are supposed to prevent governments from giving particular industries unfair advantages over international competition. It's so unfair! On one side we have is a cheating, mercantilist, wannabe superpower unrestrained by environmental regulation or civil society, and on the other, a dysfunctional partisan gridlocked mess that can't even get its act together to pass a federal renewable energy electricity standard. No wonder our ass is getting kicked.

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