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November 21, 2005


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Approximate distillation fractions:

1. Gasoline 20 %wt
2. Jet 30 %wt
3. Diesel 30 %wt
4. Vacuum Gasoil 20 %wt

Based on initial tests and analyses, the Company currently estimates that it can deliver advanced (second generation) fuels from biomass at a cost of less than $ 2 per gallon of ethanol-equivalent fuel in facilities processing about 70,000 tonnes of biomass per annum (current scale of its 200 metric tonne per day plant).

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I'm working on a green house project. I'm really interested by this biofuel and I really would like to know if it's reliable for single housing application.
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this artical is old this plant is no longer in production I would love to see how much bio oil or kw that this plant produced over it's life what a bunch of b.s

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