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October 25, 2005



They had a rather extensive and, as is the norm, "loud" discusion of this over at slashdot.org. It seems that the basic conclusion is that this doesn't provide neither a lighter, cheaper, or easier means of fueling a vehicle.

Who knows, maybe they'll optimize it after further research?

Robert McLeod

Posted this 4 days ago:



The losses in a metal-water reaction are very high.  It makes far more sense to use a metal-air battery (fuel cell), and as long as you're doing that it is far easier to run a cycle on zinc than either aluminum or magnesium because zinc can be regenerated by electrolysis in a water solution at room temperature while the others require exotic processes.


I saw this in enough different places I decided to tear it apart in detail.  It doesn't look any better when examined closely.


Quoting Jerry, "this doesn't provide neither a lighter, cheaper, or easier means of fueling a vehicle."

If this works, we will not have to rely on petrol as the chief fuel for all modes of vehicles. Rather, the metal oxides that are produced can be recycled.


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