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October 13, 2005



Wouldn't they still need equipment for voltage and current regulation? It seems like relying on the waves to generate the AC flux would be inconsistent. I'm not an electrician (far from it) but does anyone know more about this?


They would need a whole package of controls for the electrical generation that any wave machine requires. I was not trying to imply that any of this was eliminated. What they have eliminated is the mechanical complexity most systems have that translates the the wave motion into a rotary motion to drive a generator. Some of the oscillating column machines come close to this in that all they have is a air driven turbine that is configured to use both the outward and incoming flow of air. This device eliminates that but uses a unique reciprocating generator that may require quite a bit of development to develop. The control package is also different in some ways from that used with a conventional rotating generator, but it retains the same functions. I am not an electrical engineer either, but the items I mentioned are basic to all systems. I would invite further comments from a more knowledgeable source.

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How to harness inconsistant reciprocating wave in a wave energy converter? Can any one help?


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