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October 04, 2005



Power of this conversion: 7 MW.

Average renewable electric production in the USA (per the EIA): 40,857 MW.
Amount which is non-hydro: 10,155 MW.

Average electric consumption of the USA in 2004: 450,068 MW.

Seven lousy megawatts is pathetic.

(And since you're censoring all my nice HTML formatting and links, the above data is all from http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/aer/txt/ptb0802a.html)

John T

7 mw is probably the size of their turbine. I assume their turbine is steam driven. They probably don't need any more. Yes, 7 mw is very small, but at this site that is 100% of their output.

Wood chip burning is in fact becoming more important. I worked for a Company who had a wood fired boiler, but stopped burning wood a long time ago. However they are back to burning wood. They use only standing dead wood for their harvest (fallen wood is generally rotted, and do not take green trees). I think they also have a limit on what percentage of the wood they can take so as to not effect the forest ecosystem.

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