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October 08, 2005


Robert McLeod

So these guys are using expensive multi-junction cells to produce corrosive junction-eating hydrogen that can power a million dollar car. Yeah, good luck with that guys. They get a bonus cookie for eliminating distribution but they're still converting electrical current into chemical hydrogen at an exergy loss. I'd rather just produce the electricity and forget the hydrogen.

Rupert Leach

One of the key features of Hydrogen Solar's Tandem Cells is that they are inexpensive, and as a result, the hydrogen produced is very close to SMR process costs. As for the other bit ...well, as our company name might suggest, we're more interested in producing hydrogen than electricity.

Shawn M. Kennedy

Look guys, multispectral solar cells have the best output possibilities.Layered properly can be set at the depth corresponding to wavelength. Remember the secret here is the electric field coupling between layers to provide maximum photon absorbtion. Also zero point energy and forced resonance are key in stimulating charge carriers. Simple laws like Bernoulli and the use of contracting and expanding gases that absorb photons and emit photons must be utilized. What materials are excited by infrared radiation while absorbing the intermediate frequencies? The answer is right under our noses. Lets think deeper!!

alan ward

batteries with energy on demand flowing electrolyte bateries used at king island wind farm has the potentual to be a energy on demand system and my beleif is it would make a excellent micro generation storage system for power cables and the electrolyte can be trucked and bootled in ay container and used in electrical cars and other implements as it is scalable.and could be used to make any hydrogen solar panel systems energy on demand hybrides today, such that the labor party in australia does not need fission fossil and is competitive with todays solar cells such as the australian thin sliver technology or south african metal solar cells at 16 to 20 percent effecient and commercial solutions today all australian technology and seller able and the way of the future over power lines and as storage any size.

Fred Flint

Batteries are not the answer. They have limited storage capacity and all sorts of environmental issues. Hydrogen as the storage medium for on demand power is the answer without a doubt. It's a long ways off where it will be practical for everyday use but it's all proven to be doable. The biggest thing is getting the costs down and finding ways to store the hydrogen safely, reliably, and in a small are without requiring high (and dangerous) pressures.

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