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October 17, 2005



Sounds like a perfect niche market for hybrid technology.


It would be great if these have been designed and/or are guaranteed to run on B100 biodiesel...


Railpower has a wonderful business plan, and a terrific workforce. Just that one little problem with their battery design. "The main battery consists of latest technology valve-regulated lead acid, AGM type batteries. The battery, specifically designed by RailPower, is maintenance free, has a long battery life, and high round trip efficiency."
Somebody should have told them that lead acid batteries have a peak temperature performance. According to dcbattery.com, http://www.dcbattery.com/lifeline_capacity_temp_graph.html, the peak is at 26 Celsius, and going over that SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECTS LIFE of the battery.
Pretty dumb, eh? Guess that the Railpower designers should have put in a couple of good fans to take out waste heat. For that matter, the battery cases and terminals could have been designed to maximize heat shedding. Not trivial that the AGM technology uses fibreglas mats soaked in acid -- I imagine that makes it harder to rely on convection of fluids to get the heat out.
But there are lots of deep cycle batteries around -- surely some of them are designed to get rid of heat so they can operate below 26 Celsius?
Not that there is any magic about 26 Celsius... the degeneration probably is thermo-mechanical as well as chemical, and expansion/contraction would get worse for higher temperatures.
As I see it, the first step for Railpower is to fire the QA testers. Then get the designers (one hopes they have a few engineers there) to put in some fans. Later, they can design liquid cooling channels around the batteries.
Meanwhile, I watch the stock price going down! It will get better, but Railpower has to eat a lot of crow before it does.


Some newsletters have pumped up the stockprice already from $ 1.80 to $2.50


Is Railpower for real?

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I wonder what kind of battery did they use or what source they use to makes it run or function?


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I wonder what kind of battery did they use or what source they use to makes it run or function?


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The batteries are kept at an optimum state of charge by the genset.

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