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October 21, 2005



Why don't you think we could build four IGCC plants in 9 years (i.e. by 2014)? That doesnt seem impracticle at all, in fact, why couldn't we do it in less time (5-6 years)? I still say go with IGCC and not nukes.

As for the legislation, I am wary of the part about the govt. offering insurance on any losses due to regulatory delays. That gives the govt. a huge incentive to ignore any opposition to the plants, well-founded or not, and to railroad these plants through the environmental permitting processes. In short, it puts the govt. on the side of the special interest (the developers of the nukes) against the public interest (i.e. those concerned about quality of health, environment etc.).

I don't want to let simple NIMBYism keep these plants from opening but we all know there are many valid concerns about security, environmental impacts (I have yet to hear any convincing plan to get rid of the radioactive waste these plants will produce) etc. These concerns should be answered before these plants are built. If they can't be answered, than maybe they simply shouldn't be built.

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