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September 16, 2005



In the Overview of Concentrating Solar Power there is no mention of linear fresnel concentration. why?

James Fraser

It wasn't a major point, but in the item about concentrating solar photovoltaics it was mentioned in the first sentenance. The primary use of fresnel lens is with photovoltaics as far as I know. I did not go into an explanation of how they work or their low cost as I thought this should be handled in a more detailed post. Please let me know if I have overlooked sometning.

Jay Draiman

The Energy Revolution -
I find that many people are missing the point and are not aware of the pending energy/oil shortage.
The world population is increasing; many countries are advancing to the current technology.
Fossil fuel/energy is being depleted faster than it’s been regenerated.
It is time for the energy revolution.
That means other sources of energy such as: Solar/Photovoltaic, Wind, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Wave/Tidal, Nuclear/Fusion and numerous other sources, not to mention efficiency and conservation. (The use of lake/Ocean water for cooling).
It is time to set the mindset of the people, industry and the government on a crusade to develop and utilize alternative energy on a massive scale.
It will take many decades to reach those goals. But we need a total commitment of funds, research and implementation to reach those goals or we are doomed.
The United States the most economically advanced country in the world must become energy independent, for our sake, our children’s sake and future generations.
It is time to unite in this endeavor of alternative energy, energy efficiency and proceed without the political confrontation. (Europe is advancing faster than the USA)
Jay Draiman
Northridge, CA. 91325

Mark Daily

Its good to be promoting alternatives. I think you paint an overly optimistic view of the contribution that this technology will make to the renewable power generation portfolio. I also think you underestimate the costs per kWh at the meter. I actually hope you are right. The earth would be better off if you are. I'm doing a similar thing from a different perspective at http://markdailyenergy.blogspot.com

Thank you for your hard work.


I agree in regards to people needing to be more aware of the ongoing oil/energy shortage. There are tons of solar products out there that we can substitute for our other ones as a means to conserve energy. a perfect example of this can be found at http://www.idtenergystore.com/Solar-Outdoor-Lighting/c45/index.html?osCsid=6d2b249a091235044f5b6b8bb471107c

Don Wagner

I have a different type of concentrating system. It uses one Fresnel lens to seperate the spectrum and concentrate concentrate it. This allows specific concetrator solar cells to recieve the wavelengths where they are most effecient.


Don Wagner, good luck with your approach. So you will use some sort of lateral architecture, like this?

Don Wagner

Yes it is. The solar cells are essentially the same as the ones mentioned in the paper. The difference is in the optics. They use dichroic mirrors (very expensive) versus a cheap Fresnel Lens. You can see how it works by looking at http://www.sol-solution.net/Animation.html or can check out patent 7206142.


Which copanies commericially cell dish-stirling systems?

beatrice Gustinetti

I am very interested in fresnel technology. Could you say to me if there are any texts to consult?Or if you could say to me where I can find informations about this technology. Thank you very much!

Adrian Akau

March 22, 2008

I have designed a modified aluminum frame louvers to hold and focus flat mirrors individually as in the Fresnel reflector system. I also have two engineers working on a design for a solar tracker that should prove much more economical than the present solar tracking equipment being manufactured. We hope to produce the trackers and offer them to companies wishing to manufacture solar concentrating equipment. If there is anyone interested in the special louver design, please write to me and I will send over the engineering specs for factory production. Thus far, I have received quotes of about USD 7 to 7.50 for a pair (left and right) which hold 5 slats of mirrors. There is a place for a set screw for each to be set at a specific angle. It is designed for flat mirror glass of 4-5mm thickness and lengths up to about 1 meter. I may also design a center mirror support clip to be used so that glass mirrors of perhaps 2 meters may also be used. Supports are necessary to reduce stress on the mirrors and to retard wind breakage.

Adrian Akau
[email protected]

Maher Mnassri

how can I decrease the temperature caused by the UV using the concentrator and a regular PV panel?


I overview the Solar Power Generator and I think this alternative energy will be the answer in global crisis of lack of electricity. I think this post gives me lots of information about solar power.

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Aliyu A. B.

CSP: a good news for Developig countries in the tropics.


The products, unlike conventional glass-based PV products, are lightweight, flexible and rugged and can be aesthetically integrated into buildings.

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Renewable Energy has been brought to the attention of the public by climate change but whatever your views on this, it makes good sense financially and environmentally.

Solar Megamart

Concentrated solar power mainly uses glasses and lenses to collect the solar energy and transfer in to heat. The big generators can be drives easily with the use of this heat engine.

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