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September 30, 2005



I stumbled across IAS a couple months ago as well. Their bladeless turbine is intruiging as it purports to be more efficient and can operate at higher temperatures than traditional turbines. Back then they had no contracts for their solar collectors so maybe this is the beginning of some actual revenue for them. I wonder how they were able to stay alive from 1988 to 2005 without posting any revenue!


Oh, those guys.  The ones with the picture "turbines" that look like rolls of something and have no piping for inlets or outlets.

Hold onto your wallets.

bob cooper

fact or fiction,re: iaus bladeless turbine and purported contract with charlie vaughn of solar ren.energy llc,nv...does anyone know vaughn or have a contact number?

richard gagne

Looks like a fresnel lens i think? these cheap, molded plastic lenses make great concentrators, just waiting for the right app.


This is an obvious scam! All this company seems to be doing is "inventing" incredibly "promising" technologies and writing press releases about them to boost their stock.

There is no info about this deal from anywhere else than IAS.

IAS has been involved in several law-suits for their scams before. As JesseJenkins noted, hold on to your wallets.

Dave Goodrich

These guys are still struggling to make something out of this technology. I recently went to see what they are doing. They will demonstrate what they have built. Their system actually looks like it could work. However, they have a questionable past, so there's no obvious outcome here. It's easy to assume the worst, but they seem far enough along in the development phase that something "might" actually come from this.

Ele-tric Aura

This company doesn't seem to DO anything. I investigated their site to see if they have evidence of their revolutionary solar-thermal system utilizing cheap lenses and it appears that they have no data on it, nor do they have a working model. There is one solar concentrating lens demo video where they burn a piece of wood. News flash: solar concentrating systems exist, check out the working SEGS system by FPL Energy, Inc. which provides >300MW of power in California. Solar thermal concentrators have been shown to achieve temps as high as 5000K, which means burning a piece of wood is inconsequential to say the least. These people are jokers- if their technology is so great I wonder why they don't show it in use? They don't seem to have any investors, either.

Kit P

Clean energy is populated by many con artist more interested in selling a product than making it work.

It stands to reason that big energy like FPL will be the mostly likely to make solar work.


The green part about the bladeless turbine is very interesting...
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