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September 03, 2005


Account Deleted

Nice information about solar. I read some educational article like http://www.sunpowerport.com. And this is also useful in the development of alternative energy. :D


i want to know more about parabolic trough....


Sir, i want know about the parabolic trough structure design


This really a pretty interesting. Thumbs up for it. :D

solar hot water

Nature has given us abundant energy in the form of solar power which is never ending and easily available in the form of Sun. It is best alternative energy to reduce the problem of scare resources.

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Costly effective.

solar collectors

Residential solar power generators are becoming more and more popular. As individuals struggle to pay heir energy bills, the need for alternative energy and fuels are real.


Many of the passive solar thermal systems will be used for water heating and will make it possible to heat a large amount of water then naturally disperse it to other locations. One of the most used options is through solar vacuum tubes which will produce movement of the water as it heats and will make it possible to heat the water in a pool or to save in a reservoir which can contain up to 50-80 gallons of water in reserve until needed at a nice temperature.


Simply mind blowing information... I thank the blogger on BEHALF OF OUR RENEWABLE ENERGY FANS. I am much more interested in CSPP type using parabolic reflectors. I have few issues with the techie part. what type of getters is used in HCE?? The pumps should be monsterous to pump the HTF to the 1000 acres solar field..What would be app pressure drop across the one loop(eg. 10m loop) ?If the trough is going to rotate with the HCE, will it have a bending hose connection at the end of each loop.. Can it be 100% leak proof since Th VP- 1 is hazardous and extremely dangerous... Just curious.. Answers would be much appreciated.. "Sun is the future energy reservoir, lets us reduce co2 emmissions by using renewable energy resources like SUN" SAVE EARTH FROM GLOBAL WARMING.... "ENGINEERS CONCENTRATE YOUR CAREER IN CONCENTRATED SOLAR POWER"


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If this experiment is successful and if the production of biodiesel picks up the I am sure that there will be no shortage of fuel.

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