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September 27, 2005


Harry Jaeger, Gasification Editor, Gas Turbine World Magazine


Great posting on IGCC. I attended the 2005 Gasification Technologies Conference in San Francisco last October. Great place for an update on what's going on.

All presentations at the conference are available at www.gasification.org We are publishing a highlights summary in our next issue. If interested in receiving Gas Turbine World, contact me at [email protected].

Harry Jaeger

Elliot Easton

Just discovered your blog and it's great! Very useful information and I will be checking it frequently.

I'm the energy procurement manager for the 64 campus State University of New York system and always looking for more information.

Steam Center

Nice blog. We need more such plants to cut down on green house gases


i want to more info about power study,,thanx

Charles C. YANG, Ph.D.

My company, Hudson Electek Co. is registered in Florida, and we work on China project for the IGCC multi-products, such as electric power, Methanol , city gas, thermal supply, chemical product. I would like to join your discuss, also hope to get your support. Would you mind to give some information on the price of IGCC plants?

tom Smitty Smith

Does anybody have good comparative data on jobs at an IGCC plant vs jobs at a SCPC plant both during construction and operation?

Melissa Stratman

My name is Melissa, and I was just posting a comment to see if I can get recent updates on IGCC. If yall have any job postings around the Rosenberg, or Houston TX area could you please email me at the address above and let me know. I would really appreciate that, thank you!!!


great information.. im working on my final year project on this topic, but using RDF as the fuel... do u have any useful information regarding IGCC for RDF the working temperature in the combustor or the gas turbine?

Rahul Shrivastava

may u please send the material on the process by which we gassify the coal.i mean ,what is the process to gassify the coal.kindly also send the cyclic diagram of IGCC.

Rahul Shrivastava

want to join you as a mamber,whats the procedure


I understand NRG Energy will be building a igcc plant in tonawanda ny. Is this project still on or is NRG just talking big with no action
Please post any findings


IGCC for Afsin Elbistan lignite Fields in Turkey

Dear Energy Professional, Dear Colleagues
On 31st October, 2007, we were in Afsin Elbistan coal mine and thermal power plant premises to participate "Clean Coal Technologies" for 3-day workshop, which was organized by Chambers of Mining, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineers of Turkey. The existing power plants (Groups A and B) are based on pulverized coal firing technology which need relatively higher calorific value plus less moisture. Indirect type Pulverized coal firing technique can be successful only if you lower the moisture content and hence with higher the calorific value. Available coal has a challenging content with very poor Low calorific value at about average 1150 kcal per kg, and 55% moisture, 20% ash, 1.5-4% sulphur. The thermal power plants, named A and B each had with 1400 MWe installed electric generating capacity at full load. There is another new tender for Units C&D. It is our sincere feeling that IGCC could be a good choice for the new units. IGCC (Integrated Gasification combined cycle) firing technology could be employed. Here in this technology you build a sort of refinery to generate "Synthetic gas" from poor lignite then you fire this synthetic gas in the combined cycle power plants similar to natural firing. Seems to be logical but we doubt if it is applicable for our lignite. It was successful in North Dakota as built by “General Electric” and funded by “USA Department of Energy”. Here in our country who will decide to move on and who will finance?? These researches are prepared and presented to decision-makers of Ministries. These are to be shared by the public in order to reach "Common Wisdom" and to be directed accordingly for the best interest of our country. Clean Coal Technologies Workshop in Elbistan will create a great opportunity for all interested local parties to enable them to learn from past mistakes, to investigate the possible/ applicable technologies, to investigate and assess the available intellectual capability of the local human resources. Thank you & best regards

Haluk Direskeneli- Energy Analyst

pranav mahida

Respected sir,,
This is MAHIDA PRANAV from gove engineering collage at bhavnagar in gujarat, i am studying in electrical engineering and in 2nd last sem, we are going to make one nuclear power station project, and we need some information about it, like plant lay out and its details, so we are requesting you to send some information as you can,, we are waiting for rpl...

Thanking you

Fardous Rahman

What is the industry average overtime rate in percentage for 360 MW combined cycle power plant (Natural gas fired, total manpower is 48)?

Haluk Direskeneli

Panel on "Clean Coal Technologies" in ODTU Alumni in Ankara

Dear Energy Professional, Dear Colleagues,

We had a meeting on Saturday afternoon 23rd February 2008 at the main conference room of "Chamber of Engineers" head office in Ankara Thessalonica Street. The meeting was held with participation of leading senior/ retired members of local energy business, former General Managers, former operation managers, senior researchers of various public enterprises, as well as senior local energy experts.

The subject was "Clean Coal Technologies" which is actually the code name for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle technology. IGCC is a new technology to answer global warming.

This new technology produces synthetic gas from coal. Synthetic gas has almost one fourth of the heating value of average natural gas.

IGCC technology is first innovated by Germans during WW2 to produce gas and/or liquid fuel for the fighting war vehicles in an environment with no petroleum resources, and further developed in South Africa during world embargo against their apartheid practices in their domestic politics.

Since the equivalent cost per barrel is/was around 50 US Dollars for the synthetic fuel, it was not feasible in the past to apply "clean coal technologies" since it had no chance of competition against low petroleum prices then. However the time has changed and petroleum now costs more than 100 US Dollars per barrel, therefore IGCC technology is now an attractive fuel option.

Our guest speaker, Dr Iskender Gokalp is a Turkish national scientist, Directeur in ICARE, Institut de Combustion, Aérothermique, Réactivité et Environnement, UPR3021 du Centre National de Recherche Technologique, "Propulsion du Futur" in 1c, Av. de la Recherche Scientifique, 45071 Orléans cedex 2, France, http://www.cnrs-orleans.fr/icare/

He comes to Turkey, to his homeland, one week for each month to pursue and execute a project to grand PhD scholarships to young Turkish engineers/ scientists in France on coal utilization, combustion technologies, supported by Turkish Coal Board and European Union under current FB7 program.

He created many scientific publications, and also had great influence in international scientific circles. He recommends us to carry out more research on "Clean Coal Technologies" on local Turkish Lignite specifically on low heating value coal mines, to justify its application and competitiveness.

He advises that local lignite coal could be the best option for application of integrated gasification. Your humble writer sincerely feels that Dr.Iskender GOKALP has all reason to advise on application of "Clean Coal Technologies" in local lignite reserves.

It is also our sincere feeling that clean-coal technology is a must. Energy tops the agenda of all local winter meetings. Next-generation coal is going to need to continue to be part of our energy future for our country. It is abundant, it is locally available, in the sense that we control the supply.

Next-generation coal typically refers to capturing and somehow sequestering or storing the carbon that coal produces. It also envisions reducing or eliminating emissions as coal is burned. It is possible to continue relying on the fossil fuel while minimizing its impact on the environment.

We cannot ignore coal, we should find better ways to utilize local lignite coal. That is important because electricity demand will ever increase in the future.

We all know that Coal has a CO2 problem, Wind has a reliability problem, Solar has a price problem, Nuclear power plants have price, radiation and unsafe disposal problem, so all of those technologies have opportunities and they all have problems.

What we can say about coal, is that we have it locally. We have it in a greater supply.

Synthetic gas production could be a bid expensive but the rest of the system is well-known combined cycle power plant.

Prevailing overall market price is around 1200- 1500 US dollars per KW installed capacity for 600-1000 MWe power plant test sizes. By localizing the technology, we can substantially reduce that first installations cost.

On the other hand local low LHV lignite has current fuel cost less than 2 (two) US Dollars per million BTU gross, whereas imported coal cost is 6- 8 US Dollars gross, Natural gas cost is around 8-10 US Dollar, and imported LNG price in spot market is around 17-18 USD per million BTU.

Senior experts have an ideefixe for application of IGCC on high heating value bituminous coal or steam coal. On the other hand, Dr Gokalp says that IGCC has potential application on low heating value lignite. It is for sure that we do not know if IGCC is perfect match for our lignite. All we have to do is to allocate more funds for more research on local lignite.

We shall have a panel on "Clean Coal Technologies" in ODTU Alumni Association Visnelik premises in Ankara on 10th March 2008 Monday at 1900 hours.

Dr Iskender Gokalp will be one of four distinguished panelists. The other panelists are Prof Dr Bekir Zuhtu UYSAL, Director of Clean Energy Institute of Gazi University, Dr Selahaddin ANAÇ GM of Turkish Coal Board, and Mr. Orhan Baybars ME'79, former site construction manager of Afsin Elbistan-B thermal power plant.

Panel will be conducted in Turkish, and it is open for all interested parties. Entrance is free-of-charge. We have free coffee/ tea services. Please do participate if you would be in Ankara on that day. Your comments are always welcome.

Haluk Direskeneli
ODTU ME'1973 - Ankara MMO 6606




mehul roy

please give me more information related to cost of IGCC plant,

both fixed and operating

thnk U

Alsamaoa'al Almoustafa

Dear energy Professionals, Dear colleagues.

This is Sam Almoustafa from Syria is we are going to prepare study to analyze the optimal electricity supply options for Syrian system and taking into consideration the environmental affairs. and we need some information about FGD system for high sulfur heavy fuel oil power plants , like cost(capital, O&M), efficiency, and how this technology affects the power plant efficiency.
thank you and best regards.
Alsamaoa'al Almoustafa , energy analyst

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Great post and blog! I really enjoyed this post, thanks for that. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts, thanks!


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Asif Iqbal

Respected Energy Professionals,
I am Asif Iqbal Aligarh.
I want to know the major challenges of igcc,capital cost,running cost ,advance igcc development and future prospects of igcc.

Phil Lees

Thanks for a nice, straightforward post on IGCC.

I've tried using the link in the gasification section to view the EPRI presenation, but unfortunately seems to no longer work. I was surprised by some of the statements there.

The gasification section makes no mention of BGL gasifier. Basically a recent development on dry ash gasifiers, it has many of the positive features of entrained flow gasifiers such as dry coal feed, cooled refractory lining, and continuous removal of ash in the form of slag rather than dry ash.

Unlike the entrained flow gasifiers the gas/coal flow is countercurrent, resulting in much cooler gas exit temperatures - hence lower capital costs as specialised heat-resistant materials are not needed. Due to the longer coal residence times, the BGL gasifiers use less oxygen and steam, but also achieves a higher efficiency rate in converting coal to gas, giving lower operating costs. The potential drawback of the BGL gasifier is the amount of methane produced - a drawback for Fischer Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbon liquids, but a positve advantage for production of syngas. For simply burning the gasifier product in an IGCC turbine, the methane content is unlikely to be a crucial issue.

More info on the BGL gasifier can be found on http://www.gl-group.com

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Salem Nuclear Power Plant is two of four nuclear power units in New Jersey. The others are the two at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, and the Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station. As of January 1, 2005, New Jersey ranked 10th among the 31 states with nuclear capacity for total MWe generated. In 2003, nuclear electricity generated over one half of the electricity in the State.

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Prof.Dr.Eng.Aialn, Hanna

Development of technical method for the reduction of CO2 gas emission from the combustion of fuel oil and natural gas in thermal power plants

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On the other hand local low LHV lignite has current fuel cost less than 2 (two) US Dollars per million BTU gross, whereas imported coal cost is 6- 8 US Dollars gross, Natural gas cost is around 8-10 US Dollar, and imported LNG price in spot market is around 17-18 USD per million BTU.

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Since the equivalent cost per barrel is/was around 50 US Dollars for the synthetic fuel, it was not feasible in the past to apply "clean coal technologies" since it had no chance of competition against low petroleum prices then

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Hyun-Ki Kang

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santhosh kumar

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Pontas Silaen

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