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September 23, 2005



Very nice (and accurate) overview -- I would have to split hairs to argue with anything you said. I have to say that you certainly seem to do your homework for all of your posts! Wish more bloggers would do the same....

Robert McLeod

Anyone know why Evergreen's ribbon panels seem to be getting fairly low efficiency? They only seem to be running about 10 % or so.

Jim for The Energy Blog

Not really an answer, but EERE says that the quality of silicon produced by this technique is lower. Evergreen makes this statement about new technology: "Ongoing technology development shows great promise for even lower cost. Early experiments have produced 15% solar cells on thin 100 micron wafers."

Ryan McGeorge

Who are the manufactures of the polycrystalline silicon from which the single crystal is made to make the solar cells?

What is their capacity?

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