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September 09, 2005


Robert McLeod

I'm guessing that with the subsidies, the payback period is short enough that they can be confident that the field will pay for itself before anything breaks. Frankly, these projects are cash cows for the owners and an extremely robust investment.

A 40 - 45 % improvement in performance seems high for axial tracking, however. The number should be closer to 30 %. In Murcia you do find a higher slope angle is optimal with tracking. It might not be cost effective to replace the tracking units if they break, however. Just point the units South and let them be.

Given the shortages of PV modules around the world it may be cost effective to use a simple axial tracking system at lower latitudes.

Solar Knight

Our company does have the tracking concentrators that effectively increase the yield to up to 60% more. And this just uses ordinary inexpensive silicon panels instead of the super expensive CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) panels.

We have installed up to 4 MW in Spain, 4 MW in the Czech Republic, and other places such as Greece, Germany, in fact all over Europe.

We are also working on a tracking concentrator that increases the yield 3 times vs. the fixed installations, again using off the shelf silicon PV panels.

Please get in touch with me so I can provide you pictures of our installations.

Manny Bade 416-837-1077

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