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August 13, 2005



Nanosolar (www.nanosolar.com) is also working on silicon-free, thin-film, printable, roll-to-roll pv manufacturing processes. However, unlike the other companies mentioned above (Daystar and Miasole), they do not employ vacuum sputtering techniques. Rather, they have developed a nano-engineered self-aligning semiconductor solution that can be simply printed (actually printed, not sputtered) onto the substrate (see http://www.nanosolar.com/nanostructured.htm). The printing process is described by Nanosolar here (http://www.nanosolar.com/processtech.htm) including a video of the printing process. They claim serious competitive advantages over vacuum sputtering including enhanced throughput (100-2,000 feet/minute compared to 1 ft/min for sputtering) lower temperature and energy requirements, a much shorter energy payback period (3 weeks versus 1 year) - probably due to the decreased energy/temp requirements - greater materials utilization (near 100%) as well as other advantages (see http://www.nanosolar.com/economic.htm).

Of course, this all comes from their own website so we ought to be a bit skeptical. However, it looks like a more advanced and potentially more efficient process. In a game where the manufacturing process is the deciding factor in cost, any advancements in throughput, energy efficiency and materials utilization are going to cut costs. Nanosolar seems farther off from commericalization than Daystar but could eventually undercut their costs with their new manufacturing process. I'd love to hear what your research turns up on these guys.

Jesse Jenkins aka WattHead (watthead.blogspot.com)


I was listening to Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Nanosolar, when he talked at the Churchill Club dinner and talking about startups. It happened that one of his major investors was the host.

It came out that the major reason for the investment was that the prototype was so great.

From listening to these guys talk, one of the major developers, and the VC that put in the cash to make it happen, I feel that Nanosolar has to have something real and viable. Still, the notion of seeing independent, real numbers is very valid.

I am just saying that it would not surprise me at all if the numbers match or exceed the claims.


anything happened to Miasole recently?

www.miasole.com WEB site not accessible.

i read that they are revonating their facility and maybe this includes the IT department?


How about FSLR or ASTI?

D. Rix

Commute via electric bicycle w/trailer if needed and park the car for up 20-30 mi. one way. Put PV arrays on bike racks at work, stores etc.
Our atmosphere may be trashed long before all the carboniferous compounds are oxygenated (burned).
I agree we have to act on our own initiative to lower energy use but I would add that we have to get the green/independant party in power via a huge grassroots effort because in my opinion the Democrats and Republicans have sold us out to big business and spend us into poverty.

sean costello

couple of problems with cigs -based cells. market could try to manipulate cost of copper/indium/gallium (selenium is very cheap and abundant respectively) and cadmium (common n-type material for cigs cells). also, cigs have not been proven in real-world application and prototypes have shown susceptible and are greatly affected by humidity. i do see these problems overcome within 1 year of mass production, so by spring 2009 in all liklihood and i do believe that $2/watt is possible, but $1/watt is going to be tough. It is interesting to note that with tax credits that roughly $1.7/watt for solar power translates to $1/watt after tax incentives for states without solar power incentives and $2.7/watt translate to roughly $1/watt in the states with the best incentives (hawaii, north carolina, oregon, and montana).

sean costello

by proven i meant long-term degradation performance statistics (although i cant believe they'd be any worse than silicon)

Steve Simon

What type of gasses are required in the manufacturing process of solar cells? Are there any purity requirements ie particles, moisture, oxygen, etc?

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