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August 09, 2005


Doug L Hoffman

For an interesting article on natural nuclear reactors that could have existed on the ancient Earth see my article All Natural, All Nuclear on TheResilientEarth.com. Here is the lead paragraph:

The Oklo uranium mine in Gabon contains well known evidence of natural nuclear reactors, but how widespread were they? A team of researchers has proposed a scenario to account for the disappearance of a radioactive mineral from the geological record. Part of their hypothesis is that a surge of oxygen billions of years ago caused the creation of millions of tiny nuclear reactors. If true, this primordial nuclear age could have played a role in the evolution of early life forms.



The layman's explanation of the nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining, to enrichment, to reactors to reprocessing, to uranium bombs and to plutonium bombs. This cool site by BBC news on-line is well illustrated and provides a good introduction to how atomic energy works.

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