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August 08, 2005



Cool!Solar light


i am interested on getting informatgion on how this is made like what really happens by tuesday umm can u help me?

Duncan Munday

Really interesting stuff. The benfits of Led lights are huge. I would encourage people to use them in their homes and gardens as they will reduce costs and reduce energy wastage.

Ace Lamps

LED lighting may have a high initial cost, but the energy saving benefits and the fact they last for hours means the lamps will pay for themselves in a short amount of time






i bought these and they work really well. i also bought some for my garden. they accent it really well with the flower design


Solar Light bulbs are very useful because they need no power cable or power plug. They can be easily placed inside or anywhere in the house. During the day time when the sky is bright the solar cell charges their batteries.

Solar Light

As long it's efficient. i'd love to try this..

Wholesale Lighting

Really nice post! So what are solar lights? They are basically lights that are being powered by the sun's energy or solar energy. Not only are they quite great in decorating your house with it (may it be in your deck, porch, walkways, garden or terraces), they are also helpful when it comes to easing down your electric bills. It is known to be economical and it enhances the beauty of your house and even outdoors.

Solar Lights

Nice post about solar lights. Their use in different industries are very effective. They help in reducing the huge use of electricity as well as they are also safe for health.

Lana Madison

Hi, Thanks for your post. It was very informative and enlightening. I myself is into green energy, as a matter of fact, I did a lot of research about Solar Power. Indeed, solar energy is one if the best source of energy today.


It's truly fascinating how solar energy is collected by solar panels and stored in the batteries. I recently read an article about someone having donated a whole bunch of solar lights to rural Africa. The locals would usually spend what little money they had on kerosene for lighting. After being given solar lights, they were able to save the money instead.

Types of Grow Lights

I afresh apprehend an commodity about anyone accepting donated a accomplished agglomeration of solar lights to rural Africa. The locals would usually absorb what little money they had on kerosene for lighting.

Invertir en oro

I think that this post is very good, i would like to read more information about this topic.

Building Material Suppliers

I didn't know that this is used on airfield lighting. But what a great way to set up a standby runway and taxiway. this a great example of how LEd's can be used in a commercial environment.

marmaris hotels

thanks for informations.. we really need good contents as here in internet


The solar LED light bulbs will be truly the flagships of the every day energy saving initiative.

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