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August 28, 2005



Choren (and hence SunDiesel) is backed by VW and DCG. Could this be why VW stopped allowing 100% biodiesel in their cars last year? And that a VW warranty now only covers up to 5% biodiesel?



As far as I know, the new, euro 4 compliant, diesel engines, can't handle biodiesel very well. That's one reason why VW supports second generation biofuels.


Gecko, I just found these 2 PDFs from the engine and injector manufacturers outlining claimed problems with biodiesel (2004):



Seems like it's Bosch and Siemens driving this rather than VW. Too bad. SunDiesel puts all the power back into the hands of the big boys, biodiesel relegated to a (5%) minority sport...


Choren says as soon as the market potential of sundiesel rises to 20...30% in Germany, VW & DCG would offer modified egines to run on this fuel
as far as I understand the modification is just a tiny edit in the cars software


The SunDiesel shouldn't be a big deal to use. The Shell MDS product utilized in California seems to have been a success.

Victor Lynas

Australia’s Kirbeed Outlines Plan for “Kirbeed Hydraucar” A Biodiesel and Electric Hybrid.

In Australia, Edgar Robert Charles Edgerton, chairman of Kirbeed Pty Ltd, updates the public on activities about the “The Kirbeed Hydraucar”. “We are now ready to invite others to join with us to produce what we call “The Kirbeed Hydraucar” this vehicle is a new type of Hybrid, something that is not a copy but a new idea of getting the best from a Hybrid. Yes it will be running on Biodiesel and Electricity it is expected that this vehicle using the Kirbeed Hydraucar System should have savings of up to 60% which equates to about 3lts/100 klms.” The company is in the process of accepting Investors.

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Still more research has to be made over the bio diesel and the emission norms and in the near future the cars running on biodiesel will comply with emission standards.


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as far as I understand the modification is just a tiny edit in the cars software

Ron Kirchner

Thank you for this post about BtL, a second generation biofuel! The post is already 6 years old and gives a good overview about Choren and how the BtL-story in Freiberg/ Germany began.

Unfortunately the Choren Industries went insolvency just 3 month ago. Until today it's not clear what are the true reasons. Choren says that it is not because of the BtL-technology (which is supposed to be working), but more because of the raising wood costs.

Thank you for your good source for "older" bioenergy news!

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