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August 15, 2005



A new electric vehicle for under $20,000 sounds great. I am still convinced that battery techs are going to be a better bet than hydrogen (with fuel cells operating at only around 45% efficiency that's not a forumla for efficiency OR success). However, I would hope to see advances in EVs and batteries implemented in Gas-Optional Hybrid EVs or GO-HEVs rather than electric-only vehicles. GO-HEVs which are like the standard hybrids now on the road except they are equiped with larger battery storage capacity, can be pluged in to charge and can run in electric only mode combine the advantages of EVs without the limited ranges that hamper the acceptence of straight EVs. Noone wants to buy a seperate car for commuting and another one for going to visit grandma or going to your favorite national park (even though this would be the most efficent set-up, fuel consumption wise). GO-HEVs allow you to operate most of the time (i.e. your daily commutes) in electric only mode while being able to fill up at the gas station if you need the extra range. Anyway, good news from Mitsubishi but lets keep looking out for GO-HEV advances.

JesseJenkins aka WattHead (watthead.blogspot.com)

Stuart Gustafson

Has anyone considered using a DC Electric Motor inline on the rear driveshaft of a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I would call it a helper motor. Feasable?


PHEV'S, BEV'S, and now GO-HEV'S. Geez, it's a regular alphabet soup...

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